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DeskScapes allows you to apply animated wallpaper called "Dreams" to your Windows Vista or XP desktop. Dreams use your computers video card to display the animated wallpaper, greatly reducing the CPU usage of your computer. When you run an application full screen (maximized), DeskScapes stops the dream to save on system resources (since you cannot see the dream). When you minimize or downsize the application DeskScapes resumes playing the dream. Like static wallpaper, animated wallpaper is behind any desktop icons you have.

DeskScapes includes five dreams, four dynamic and one video based. There is also a link to the WinCustomize web site where you can download hundreds of additional dreams. The initial screen in Vista provides a menu of choices:

DeskScapes menu for Vista.

Selecting "Chose an Animated Desktop" this will open the Windows Desktop Background dialog box with "DeskScapes Animated Wallpapers" selected. Each of the five wallpapers are shown with a static thumbnail picture representing each dream. The sixth and first thumbnail (i.e. Get More Dreams) is actually a link that when clicked on, will open your web browser and display the Dreams web site. This is where you can find a host of information, news, forums, downloads and more.

Desktop Background - selecting a Dream.

DeskScapes also includes DreamMaker which allows you to package your own video based dreams into .dream files that DeskScapes can apply to your Windows desktop. Following WinCustomize guidelines, you can also share your dreams with the skinning community. Skinning is the term used to describe the ability to change the graphics (i.e. color, design) of various areas of your Windows desktop, etc.. Dreams are just one area within skinning.

DreamMaker - used to create .dream files.

With only Vista Ultimate, Windows owners were able to apply Microsoft's DreamScene animated wallpapers. Stardock took this a step further by allowing other versions of Vista (i.e. Home, Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise) to run animated wallpaper (dreams). Plus, Stardock created a way to create a dream file with the included DreamMaker. Then went on to create DeskScapes for Windows XP, so animated wallpaper could be enjoyed by owners of XP as well. The same dreams included with DeskScapes Vista work with XP.

DeskScapes for Windows XP.


DeskScapes has the ability to use three types of dreams: single looping MPEG/WMV video-based, multiple looping MPEG/WMV video-based with event triggers (i.e. changes the video based on the time of day) and dynamic dreams. Video based dreams can be created by anyone, while dynamic dreams (i.e. programming based) are created and sold by Stardock Design.

Video Dream Support

MPEG/WMV video dreams (as opposed to dynamic dreams) require a compatible video codec to be installed to playback their content. Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate include a compatible video codec.

NVIDIA Driver Support

Please note that updated video drivers are very important for the best performance of dreams. In addition, if you are using a NVIDIA graphics card, we suggest keeping the performance settings for DeskScapes set to 100% for optimal visual quality.