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Background Options


Clicking the pull-down menu "Background Options" on the top menu in DeskScapes 3 Configuration displays options to: Install new background, Download more backgrounds, Delete (selected background) and Apply changes (same as clicking "Apply changes" on the top menu bar).

Background options menu.

Install New Background

To install a new background (.dream file type), select the "Install new background" option on the "Background Options" pull-down menu. a dialog box will open allowing you to browse to the location of the new file. Only files with a ".dream" file extension (type) will be listed. Once located, click on the file and click Open. (Click Cancel or X to close to abort.)

Install New Dream dialog box.

When installing a dream, DeskScapes will copy it to the correct folder so it will be seen the next time you run DeskScapes.

Download More Backgrounds

This option requires that your computer is connected to the internet, as it will open the default web browser and display the web site in the Dream section. WinCustomize is a great resource as you can download hundreds of community created dreams that will work in DeskScapes. Most dreams are free, while high quality ones require a small fee from a Master Skinner. Some dream downloads include more than just a new background, but may also include other graphic elements, such as new wallpaper or other Stardock products.

After downloading new dreams, use the "Install new background" option to add to DeskScapes.


As you download & install new backgrounds (any type), you may find some you want to remove from DeskScapes. Do this by selecting the background, then clicking on "Background Options" to open the pull-down menu and select "Delete". DeskScapes will ask you to confirm your decision, click Yes to remove the background from DeskScapes.
(Click No or X to close to abort.)

Delete a dream.

Apply Changes

After making any changes, you can either click "Apply changes" on the top menu (far left) or click on it under the "Background Options" sub-menu. Both work the same and will apply changes to your desktop.

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