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Access all of Stardock's software, WinCustomize, forums, chat and more from this one program.

Manage your programs and running tasks with style!

Control multiple PC's with one keyboard/mouse!

Replace or extend your Windows right-click desktop menu.

Jazz up your existing Windows desktop icons.

Galactic Civilizations
Conquer the galaxy in this award winning space based strategy game.

Use CursorXP to customize your WIndows XP cursors.

Use IconPackager to apply sets of icons to Windows.

Make Windows skinnable with WindowBlinds.

Use ObjectBar to create your own pop up menus, system hotkeys and bars.

Use SkinStudio to make your own skins!

Use DesktopX to build your own customized and secure desktop.

Add drop shadows, morphing and more to Windows.

Keyboard Launchpad
Assign hot keys system wide to launch programs, browse the web, and paste saved clipboards. A must have.

Create your own Windows icons

Change your Windows Boot Screen.


 DesktopX in brief

Put DesktopX objects & widgets onto your desktop that can do pretty much anything you want them to.

Customize your desktop to be fun or more useful.

Put those DesktopX objects together and build your own desktop.

Another custom desktop example.

And another custom desktop.

DesktopX is a revolutionary program that lets you do whatever you want with your Windows desktop.

DesktopX works by delivering the power of live objects. These objects can be put together to make "widgets" (mini-applications) or used to build entire desktops. Since DesktopX itself has little overhead, you have total flexibility to decide how much or how little to change your Windows PC with it.

DesktopX has been used to create things ranging from MP3 players, calendars, PC game auto-start programs, computer interfaces in the movies, aquariums, kiosks, and many other things.

Benefits of DesktopX include:

  • Increase productivity with DesktopX objects & widgets. Any type of mini-application that you could imagine having on your desktop can be created with DesktopX. What sets DesktopX apart is how easy it is to do this.
  • Direct access to ActiveX controls. No need for a compiler or some other development tool, DesktopX can put COM objects (ActiveX controls) right on your desktop.  Use Macromedia Flash, Internet Explorer controls, and more all together seamlessly.
  • Incredible extensibility. DesktopX objects can be extended with VBScript or Javascript and soon C#, and XAML. Want to learn how to use industry standard languages and see rapid results from your efforts? Try DesktopX.
  • Distributable. Once your object or your desktop is completed, you can package it up as a single file and upload to the Internet or distribute all over the world. If you have DesktopX Pro, you can even turn those objects into stand alone applications!
  • Low overhead. DesktopX is optimized to use as few resources as possible.
  • Overlays.  With DesktopX, your objects and widgets don't have to clutter up your desktop, with the press of a hot key your widgets can be hidden or brought to the top of your other windows.


Check out the screenshots area to see some examples.


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Want to create your own applications with DesktopX? Learn about DesktopX Pro!


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