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 Checkbox-like functionality
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Fancy Checkboxes

This tutorial won't go step by step but instead will show you how state filtering works starting from an existing demo.

  • Download the demo here and import it as objects inside your theme.


  • You'll see three buttons. Try to mouse over them and click on them. You'll see they behave like check-boxes. They have a selected state (green outline) and a fading in-out unselected state (yellow outline disappearing on mouse away).

  • We got this button working by basically creating a custom Mouse over / Mouse away behavior.

  • This is the full script used into the outline object:

Script example with color-coding in editor.

(The following script can be copied & pasted.)

Dim toggled

Sub Object_OnScriptEnter
toggled = False
End Sub

Sub Object_OnLButtonUp(x,y,bDragged)
If bDragged = False Then
If toggled = False Then
Object.State = "Selected"
ElseIf toggled = True Then
Object.State = "Unselected"
End If
End If
End Sub

Sub Object_OnStateChange(newstate)
If toggled = False Then
If newstate = "Mouse away" Then
Object.StatePreempt = "Unselected mouse away"
ElseIf newstate = "Mouse over" Then
Object.StatePreempt = "Unselected mouse over"
End If
End If
End Sub

  • The script holds a Boolean with the actual status information (selected / unselected).

  • The Object_OnStateChange code receives "Mouse away" and "Mouse over" event notifications even if such states don't exist. The code redirects the state change to the actual custom states (yellow outline in-out fading, only in unselected state).

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