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Scrolling Content
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  • Start downloading the discussed demo object here and import it as objects inside your theme.

Scroll demo

  • Scroll accordingly. Also, the text content will be correctly clipped outside the bounding frame.

  • The composition is made by the following objects

    • scroll_base - base parent

    • scroll_title - "Scroll demo" text object

    • scroll_mask - This is an object that has no states, thus it has no visual representation. It is sized to exactly match the black frame though.

    • scroll_item - This is the actual text object. It is a contained children of scroll_mask. Because of this, the content will be clipped outside the parent (scroll_mask) area.

    • scroll_dot - The blue draggable dot object.

  • So, the interesting features are two: the making of a draggable object with a limited fixed path (blue dot) and the technique of clipping an object through a stateless parent.

Making the Scrollbar

This is actually very simple. The blue dot script does the magic:

Dim top_pos
Dim bottom_pos

Sub Object_OnScriptEnter
End Sub

Sub Object_OnDrag(mousex,mousey,newposx,newposy)
Object.left = Object.left
If newposy<top_pos Then
If newposy>bottom_pos Then
DesktopX.Object("scroll_item").top = (DesktopX.Object("scroll_mask").height- _
End Sub

We define first the upper and lowest position it can reach.

Object_OnDrag is called when the object is being dragged. It receives the current relative cursor position and the new object position.

Setting Object.left and inside Object_OnDrag has a special meaning. It'll affect the newly assigned position. In this case the left position is kept in place, while the top position is limited inside top_pos and bottom_pos.

Finally, the scroll_item object is moved accordingly, using a simple calculation.

Making the Text Clipping

The hardest part is to create the mask object and moving and sizing it in the correct position. A method can be the following:

  • Create a default object. Move and size it to fit in the wanted area.

  • Use the Summary page text boxes to carefully adjust the position and size.

  • Create the child object and make sure you configure it to be 'contained' inside the parent (Child = yes property in the Summary page).

  • When things seem ok, select the mask object and remove the existing state.

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