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 Creating an MP3 Player
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by Brad Wardell

For years we've watched the media player wars. AOL's Winamp vs. Microsoft Media Player. In fact, there's been a whole whole of really cool skinnable media players over the years. And they all have one thing in common - they are very very difficult to create skins for. Even simple skins for Windows Media Player or WinAmp modern involve a considerable amount of coding. And then when you're done, it's just a skin that only works if the person has the right version of the media player installed.

MP3 Player

What if there was another way? There is now. DesktopX 3. With DesktopX 3 you can easily create your own MP3 players (along with pretty much anything else). You don't even have to know how to code to make them. It's just a matter of assigning the buttons and text and other elements with your images. And if you have DesktopX PRO you can export your creations as stand-alone programs. In the example pictured, that player is 500K - and it's a stand alone media player that can be assigned to work on its own or remote control Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes too.

To see how it's done, here's a 7 minute, 41 second video demo of how to create a media player from scratch and export it -- the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Video Example: Make your own MP3 player (Windows Media Player format (.WMV)).

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