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Welcome to DesktopX
    Features of DesktopX Professional
    Features of DesktopX Standard
    Features of DesktopX Client
    System Requirements
    File Types
    Additional Widgets, Objects & Desktops
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to DesktopX
    General Overview
    DesktopX Welcome Menu
    Using Widgets
    Using Objects
    Using Desktops
    Creating or modifying objects, widgets, and desktops
2. Widgets
3. Objects
4. Desktop Themes
5 Developer's Guide: Introduction
    5.1 Creating Objects
    5.2 Scripting
        Scripting Reference
    5.3 SDPlugin Specification
    5.4 Tutorials - How to create text using custom fonts
        How to create a really simple clock widget
        How to use drag and drop and dynamic pictures
        Checkbox-like functionality
        Scrolling Content
        Dynamically create and clone objects
        How to work with WMI services to access Windows advanced functionality
        Making objects that move other objects
        Creating an MP3 player
        Creating a Widget
        Modifying Widgets
        Internet Access via DesktopX Objects
        Using the Shell object to perform shell tasks
6. Preferences
7. Help & Resources
    Galleries - Downloads
    Video Tutorials
    Tutorials on
    WinCustomize Articles
    Misc. Links
    Contacting Support
    History of DesktopX
8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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