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Features of DesktopX Professional

Includes all of the Standard features, including these:

  • Export Widgets as Gadgets (stand-alone programs) (.exe).

Features of DesktopX Standard

Includes all of the Client features, including these:

  • Create & export Objects (.dxpack), Widgets (.exe) (requires DesktopX installed to run) and Vista Sidebar Gadgets (.gadget).
  • Create & export Desktop Themes (.desktop).
  • Scripting support via JScript and VB Script.

Features of DesktopX Client

  • Load alternative Desktops created by others.
  • Load Objects & Widgets.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (32 bit all OS's).
  • 20MB free drive space.
  • 256MB RAM.


You can get updates from: .  Type in the Email address you used when ordering DesktopX originally and an email will be sent to you with a link to the latest version (build).  You can also use Stardock Central (SDC), though Impulse is the newer version of it.

File Types

The following is a list of common file types used by DesktopX:

.DESKTOP - Desktop themes stored in a single file that can totally change what your desktop environment looks like.  DesktopX refers to these as "Desktops", while refers to them as "DesktopX Themes".

.DXPACK - Packaged Object, that can range from animated icons (super icons or "zoomers") to more elaborate objects that can be: animated, display information, be different sizes, etc..  Here are examples:
Animated Snowflakes:
CursorFX Tester:
Blobby (fish):

.DXTHEME - older desktop themes from previous versions of DesktopX.

.EXE - Widgets are mini-programs located on your computer that require DesktopX to be installed on your computer to run.  When loading Widgets through DesktopX, it will default to the folder where Widgets are stored.

.EXE - Gadgets made with DesktopX Professional are stand-alone versions of widgets and do not require DesktopX to be installed.  (An .EXE is a common program file type on your computer, so not all .EXE's are Widgets or Gadgets.)

.GADGET - Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, DesktopX allows you to export widgets for use as sidebar gadgets.

Additional Widgets, Objects & Desktops

To download free Widgets (over 1,000), Objects (over 2,200) & Desktops (over 1,400) for DesktopX (DX), please visit:

DesktopX Objects:
DesktopX Widgets:
Desktops (Themes):

DesktopX Desktops (Master Themes - purchase required):


The screenshots in this manual are from Windows Vista, unless otherwise noted.

For the most up-to-date DesktopX Guide, please check:
Comments or suggestions for this documentation, please send to


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