Complement or replace your Windows icons with DesktopX objects!

Add or create mini-applications called widgets to your desktop

Or design an entire desktop to be used by you or others around the world!

Executive Summary

DesktopX is a desktop enhancement utility designed specifically for Microsoft Windows.  It integrates seamlessly into the operating system giving Windows a host of new features. 

DesktopX is more than a run-time for enhancements. It is designed to allow users and companies to build their own desktop environments. That means creating cool and useful new things is part of it.  Users can export their creations as widgets (mini-applets) or as entire desktops that can then be used by other users.

DesktopX in detail

DesktopX is designed to be used by all users, not just power users. It has focused its features on the kinds of things that are useful to both casual users and developers.

The highlights of DesktopX can be summed up with:

  • Objects - DesktopX supports desktop objects. Objects can be live data or just images. They run as part of the DesktopX environment. Widgets can also be imported as objects and run as part of a single environment (saving memory). Example of DesktopX objects in action: Screenshot, Video
  • Widgets - DesktopX objects can be exported as mini-applications called widgets. Widgets are similar to objects except they are actual programs (.EXEs) that run in their own memory space.  Widgets do not require DesktopX to be running to be used but require DesktopX to be installed. Example of DesktopX widgets in action: Screenshot
  • Desktop themes - DesktopX can also build entire desktops that can be secured (kiosks, OEM systems, custom desktop experiences, etc.). Example of a DesktopX theme in action: Screenshot

Users of DesktopX Pro gain an additional feature:

  • Gadgets - DesktopX widgets can be exported as stand-alone programs (.EXEs) called gadgets that require no additional files or run-times to be installed. Gadgets can be sent to any user of Windows XP or 2000 to be used. No installation required.

Desktops and Widgets & Screenshots (oh my!)

For a brief guide on how one creates widgets and desktops click here.



Pricing & Availability

DesktopX standard is part of Stardock's Object Desktop . It can also be purchased on its own. A Professional version, DesktopX Pro, can export objects as stand alone executables (no need for DesktopX to be installed on the computer).

Stardock also makes DesktopX Enterprise for companies that are interested in building a standardized, secure, custom desktop, kiosk, or corporate environment.



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