Your DesktopX Information Resource Guide

Look through the entire DesktopX informational guide to find the answers to all your questions.

If you still need a little help getting started, check out the guided DesktopX tour below.

A Guided Tour of DesktopX

Guided Tour See the new features of DesktopX 3
DesktopX Day 1 Creating a widget from a single script
DesktopX Day 2 Extending the base features of DesktopX
DesktopX Day 3 Adding your own preferences dialogs
DesktopX Day 4 The new welcome screen
DesktopX Day 5 Building a simple desktop
DesktopX Day 6 The look & feel of Silica Widgets
DesktopX Day 7 Using Plugins to create MP3 players quickly
DesktopX Day 8 Flash & DesktopX, match made in heaven...
DesktopX Day 9 Making animated objects for your desktop
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