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A component of Object Desktop




Here are some screenshots of DesktopX in action...

Click to Enlarge What will the next version of Windows be like? This is one author's vision of what Windows 2005 might b elike.
Click to Enlarge Have small children that want to use the web but you're afraid of the sites they may end up accidentally on? This DesktopX theme creates a kid friendly desktop with no URL line, only the sites you select are available to visit.
Click to Enlarge Use DesktopX to create a totally unique style personalized for your tastes.
Click to Enlarge Use DesktopX to create a powerful desktop tailored to increase your productivity.
Click to Enlarge DesktopX objects can be little more than icons if you want. But these "icons" can be any size you want and be animated!
Click to Enlarge Always wanted to have a Trekish looking desktop?
Click to Enlarge Take other operating system desktops to the next level.
Click to Enlarge Your desktop could look like a video game.
Click to Enlarge Or it could look like the real world (such as this "Microsoft Bob" like desktop).
Click to Enlarge Who says your computer has to be cold, it can be made to feel like your living room.
Click to Enlarge Or something just extremely cool.



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