Create your very own personalized widget!

DesktopX objects can be exported as mini-applications called widgets.

Put some holiday décor on your desktop, with many widgets having interactive features and beautifully animated graphics.
DesktopX widgets can not only provide information such as weather forecasts, system metering and information, but useful tools like having a virtual notepad on your desktop.
DesktopX has the ability to make powerful and creative widgets which can be shared with others.
Widgets made for DesktopX are often designed to match other themes such as WindowBlinds skins, for a more “complete” desktop transformation.
Create and use a complete new desktop environment specifically designed for your needs.
Custom sidebars can contain all types of information including system information, weather, clocks, and much more.
Side docks can be customized with links to your favorite websites, favorite applications, and anything you need quick access to.
DesktopX can create and use powerful desktop objects that can have features such as color changing, and multiple functions.
With DesktopX you can monitor nearly every aspect of your system such as CPU and RAM usage.
View the weather forecast with one of the many weather widgets that are available for use on the desktop.
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