Standard (Enhanced)
Price: $24.95
(an individual component of Object Desktop) 
  Run the thousands of objects, themes, and widgets already available plus create or modify them for your own purposes! You can also upgrade from the client version.  
Object Desktop Ultimate     [download only]
Price: $69.95
Get all of Object Desktop now and everything created and updated for it for an entire year after! Get it on CD-ROM here.
[Internet access required for initial installation and updates.]

Object Desktop Ultimate includes all of the following applications valued individually at over $200.00 for only $69.95!
  • WindowBlinds
  • DesktopX
  • IconPackager
  • IconDeveloper
  • Keyboard LaunchPad
  • RightClick
  • SkinStudio
  • Theme Manager
  • WindowFX
  • SoundPackager
  • And many other programs!
  • Plus free updates for an entire year!
Object Desktop Renewal
Price: $34.95
Renew your access for an additional year to new Object Desktop updates and new programs.
Object Desktop Upgrade
Price: $34.95
Upgrade from one of the components above to Object Desktop.


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