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Visit the magical land or Arnor where you take up the role of one of the 6 Mithrilar who are battling for control of this world. Research spells, summon creatures in this game that could be described as a bit like Master of Magic meets Magic the Gathering.

Galactic Hijacker

The robotic race of The Yor are sending a fleet of star ships to destroy Earth. Unfortunately, Earth has no space military. But one thing can stop the evil Yor -- their ships are completely run by machines. We have managed to take over a level 1 drone unit on their capital ship. You must now destroy all the remaining robots on the ship through a combination of fighting skills and hacking. This fast paced action game will keep players on their toes. Inspired by the classic game, Paradroid.

The Political Machine

The best person to lead the free world is your candidate. You must help help get your candidate elected President of the United States. Choose his basic philosophies at the beginning of the game and then launch your campaign. Campaigner will take you across the USA as you raise money, debate issues, propose policies. Each state's data will update in real time based on the most recent actual exit polls from previous elections so that your political views and policy initiatives will result in accurate responses from the real electorate. Designed by the creator of Galactic Civilizations, Campaigner is a must-have for any political junkie.


The ultimate real time strategy game where you take command of a culture early in its development and must work to ensure its survival and eventual dominion over a world. Using the latest in 3D technology, players truly build their own civilization. The game focuses more so on political and cultural construction of your civilization than one normally sees in these kinds of games. A wide range of new game mechanics not before seen will help make this one of the most unique real time strategy games ever. The speed of clicking takes a back seat to ones ability to mobilize their society to face mortal challenges. Concept description over at Quarter to Three.


JOIN US! We are always looking for talented developers to work with in bringing their titles to life. The goal of Drengin.net is to deliver games that normally wouldn't be published anymore. Games that are considered too "niche" by today's standards that still have a good following. Because sometimes, what some think is too much of a niche market to create a game for turns out to be a blockbuster.


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