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The Windows 95 and Windows NT version of Entrepreneur requires some form of Microsoft's DirectX libraries to be installed. Stardock has conveniently provided the latest version of DirectX (version 5) on the Entrepreneur CD. To correctly installed DirectX 5 from the Entrepreneur installation program, follow the steps below:

  1. Place your Entrepreneur CD in the drive and wait for the install program to load
  2. From the menu, select DirectX 5 install
  3. Now you are presented with a dialog asking where you would like the archive extracted to. You can use the default name, or type in another directory.
  4. After the extraction process has completed, you can use explorer (or the command line) to navigate to the directory that you extracted the archive to.
  5. From that directory, type 'dxsetup.exe' (no quotes) to begin DirectX installation.
  6. Now click on the Install (or Reinstall) button to install or upgrade DirectX.

If you are having any difficulties with DirectX, contact Microsoft or visit the DirectX Troubleshooting Page or the DirectX Home Page