World domination through corporate warfare!

Entrepreneur is no longer available, the sequel is The Corporate Machine!

The latest sales reports from western Australia have just arrived and the news is not good.  The competition is trouncing our product line, and morale at the home office has never been worse.  But taking the company through rough times is why they pay you enough to buy and sell a small country.  Will you dedicate more funds towards researching the next generation technologies?  Is there enough money to bury our competitors with a swift and decisive marketing campaign?  Should you bribe your government connections to secure a lucrative contract?  Or will you go for broke and try to "accidentally" firebomb your opponent's inventory?  In the world of Entrepreneur, anything's possible and there can be only one victor.

Start a company, conquer the world.  Entrepreneur is a real time multiplayer or single player strategy game in which you must build a global corporate empire while competing against ruthless opponents.  Create new technologies, manufacture them faster than your oppponents, and try to make sure your marketing can fend off the nasty rumors your competitors may spread.

Conquering the world means out dominating your competition through superior marketing skills, exceptional technological prowness, and overwhelming manufacturing might.  As CEO, you must battle your competitors and bring your products to every corner of the globe at a faster, cheaper, and at a more reliable rate than your competition.

Entrepreneur is a game of global corporate warfare.  The game play is cut-throat and deadly.  Marketing, research and production pay off but if it doesn't pay off enough, you can always call in favors from your underworld friends to "take care of business".

Play against some of the most cunning computer opponents ever seen in a strategy game or compete with others from around the world on Stardock's free on-line Internet service (that is built into the game).


While many games that have multiplayer support have poor AI, Stardock takes its computer players seriously.  The AI in Entrepreneur was developed by the same team that created the AI for Galactic Civilizations (the 1995 game of the year from the Internet Top 100).  Each computer player has a unique personality (i.e. not just some different variable settings, they are actually coded differently) so that one computer player that makes a mistake may not be found in a different one.  If you have been looking for a game that not only has great multiplayer features but can challenge you with excellent computer AI, then Entrepreneur is the game for you.

Multiplayer play is pretty much expected today and Entrepreneur may have the best performing internet performance of any game currently available.  You can play people from around the world and Entrepreneur can handle latency times as great as 5 seconds or more without missing a beat (most games can't handle more than .5 seconds).  With STARDOCK.NET, you can visit other players in a chat forum right from within the game and join their games easily -- no searching around for someone to play.

Another unique feature to STARDOCK.NET is its hall of fame.  The top 100 scores are kept track of on it so you can get an idea of who is the best at it.  Imagine Quakeworld or where you can keep track of number of "frags" and thus be recognized for your...ruthlessness.

Testimonials (from version 1.0, version 1.1 or later is the version generally available which is even better)

"Entrepreneur is the best game I've ever played!"
-32bits On-Line

"Entrepreneur is bold, fun, unique, exciting, and thoroughly addicting."
-Computer Games Strategy Plus

"Entrepreneur is the best strategy game I've played this year!  The AI is nothing short of fantastic!"
-Gamespot Player Review

"Entrepreneur has an Outstanding computer AI, addictive gampleay, effortless multiplayer setup, and a good sense of humor."
-Computer Gaming World

The Basics

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Obtain Technical Support and file updates...  (Latest Version: Entrepreneur 1.5)

Entreprenreur: Installing DirectX 5 from the Entrepreneur Install

Updated On-Line Manual (9/98)

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