World domination through corporate warfare!
Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, or OS/2 Warp

 Entrepreneur is no longer available, but look for Business Tycoon in early 2000!

Entrepreneur: Corporate Expansion is the official expansion pack for Entrepreneur from Stardock.  It adds four brand new never before seen markets to Entrepreneur plus four brand new maps for Entrepreneur that are far superior to any maps currently available.  It also doubles the number of direct action cards (DACs) that will allow you to do more than ever to help yourself and damage the competition.

The Expansion pack itself also has Stardock's own Extended Game Library (EGL) code integrated which means that as Entrepreneur gets updated, the Expansion pack will gain even more new features over the regular Entrepreneur as time goes on.

If you enjoy Entrepreneur, you will definitely want to get the expansion pack.

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