World domination through corporate warfare!

Windows95, Windows NT 4.0, or OS/2 Warp
From here you can grab some of the free goodies that Stardock has cooked up for Entrepreneur players.
New maps, new markets, and utilities to make Entrepreneur even more fun!


Stardock.Net GUI Client for Windows 95 or Windows NT
Map Making Kit  (Windows version) Make your own maps...
Map Making Kit (OS/2 Version) Make your own maps...

Skin for WinAmp!

Unzip into your Entrepreneur directory.
Australia 4/15/98
Africa 8/14/98
New Europe 4/16/98
Singapore 4/17/98
Japan 7/98
Thalen 10/98
Arcea 11/98


Dynamic Industry Modules (DIMS)

Automobile Industry

Fast Food Industry: Cola


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