Multiplayer Tips!

Entrepreneur will allow up to 8 people to play each other via Internet (using a modem) or LAN.  Stardock has put a lot of energy into ensuring that Entrepreneur can run well on the Internet even if you just have a modem connection.

A typical game can even include people from different parts of the world since Entrepreneur isn't slowed down much due to lag and other problems on the Internet.

But even with that in mind, here are some tips to use to get the most out of Entrepreneur as an Internet experience.

Tip #1:
Try to get the person with the fastest connection to be the one who creates the game.
The game creator (or server) has to deal with the most internet traffic.  Moreover, a fast machine will help a lot if you have AI players involved.  The game creator needs to remember that the game stop when they leave the game.  So even if the game creator loses the game, they need to stick around and at least watch what the other people are doing.

Tip #2:
Keep AI players down to a minimum.
AI players use about as much bandwidth as human players do.  Moreover, because of the sophistication level of Entrepreneur's AI, they do use a considerable amount of CPU cycles.  This means that as the server, you'll want to limit the number.  A good game of Entrepreneur has about 4 players.  If you have 4 human players, you should limit the number of AI players to 1 or 0 unless all of you have very good internet connections (or are at least on the same continent).

Tip #3:
Don't have background network processes going on while playing.
Downloading the latest Netscape or Internet Explorer or OS/2 Fixpack or whatever is probably not something you'll want to do while playing an Internet game.  OS/2 users with the InJoy dialer (at least at the time of this writing -- 7/97)  should use the Dial Other Internet Providers because Entrepreneur is a DIVE game and DIVE games seem to cause packets not to be sent when InJoy is the dialer (Stardock hopes to resolve this by release).

Tip #4
Play the game at Fast, Normal, or Slow.  Do not play as Faster or Fastest unless you all have good connections.
If you are the server and things begin to "lock" a bit during play, SLOW the game down or pause it to let things get caught up.  To keep the players in synch, the server only has a 32K buffer.  If people fall far enough behind from lag or other issues, the game begins to slow down on the server.

Tip #5
Don't assume the game has "hung" or crash.
If connections are bad enough, sometimes the music will begin to skip.  The game will recover on its own.  While this is pretty uncommon, it has been known to happen during a few Australia-to-United States to Europe games.