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End User License Agreement
Welcome to IconPackager
        Features of IconPackager 5 (Enhanced Version)
        Features of IconPackager 5 (30 day Trial Version)
        System Requirements
        Upgrading from Previous Versions
        File Types
        Installing Additional Packages
        Default File Paths
        Creating Your Own Icon Packages
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to IconPackager
        What is an Icon Package?
        Types of Icons
        Terminology Used in IconPackager
        Differences Between Windows
2. Look & Feel: Icon Packages
        Preview Pane
        Available Icon Packages
        Alternate Grid View
        Filter By Category
        Featured List
        Random Package
        Sub Packages
3. Look & Feel: Preview
4. Look & Feel: Colors
        Change Coloring
        Inverted Color
        Remove Color
        Filter Options
5. Look & Feel: Live Folders (Windows Vista Only)
6. Icons & Cursors: Overview
        Change This Icon
        Shell Integration
                Windows Vista
                Windows XP or Vista
        Change Icon Dialog
        Restore Default
        Browsing for a New Icon
        Preview Area Options
7. Icons & Cursors: Drives, Files and Cursors
8. Icons & Cursors: Package Builder
        Menu Bar
        Sub Packages
        Size of Icons
        Icon Options
                Quick Reference
9. Settings: System Settings
        System Settings Quick Reference
        Rebuild/Repair Icons
                Rebuild Icon Cache
                Repair Icon Images
                Repair Shell Icons
10. Settings: Advanced Settings
        Icon Packages Folder
        Internet Settings
        Interface Color
11. About
12. IconPackager Explorer
        Icon Options
        Creating a New Icon Library
Appendix A: Language Translation
        Languages Already Translated
        Submitting a Translated File

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