Links OS/2

Requires: OS/2 Warp 3 with a 486DX4-75 or faster processor. SVGA video card with DIVE Support.

Recommended: Sound card. SVGA (DIVE) running at 800x600x65k colors or higher.

List Price: no longer available

Stardock proudly presents Access Software's Links OS/2.

The world's most popular game is now on OS/2 with features that take unique advantage of OS/2's powerful features. The ultimate golf game on the ultimate platform brings high resolution graphics, great sound, and incredible realism to the genre.

Golf at world-famous courses and enjoy the sights in stunning detail from your desktop PC!

Links OS/2, like Microsoft Golf 3, is the successor to Links 386 Pro (the most popular golf game of all time). Links OS/2 takes advantage of OS/2's 32-bit nature, GUI, and multithreaded features to deliver a breath-taking game. The graphics and sound are well beyond anything ever seen on OS/2. DIVE and DART are used heavily to ensure excellent graphics and sound performance. The game behaves very well in a multitasking environment. Players can play an entire course in one sitting or take a few shots, work on something else, and return to the game. Stardock's own engineers have discovered that the game is excellent for "testing" while other projects are compiling.

Courses developed for Microsoft Golf and Links 386 (.CRH files) are also compatible with Links OS/2. All those courses people have bought in the past will continue to work. Stardock will also make these courses available to Links OS/2 customers as add-on packages. The customizability of Links for OS/2 is remarkable. Players can change nearly everything about the on-screen golfer including their hair color. Because of the GUI, players can see where they currently are shooting from, where the green is, an overhead map of the course, and more all at the same time.

Links OS/2 is possibly the most polished game OS/2 has ever seen. It plays well, looks great, and is just plain fun. Anyone who has ever wanted to know what a sports game on OS/2 could be like need look no further than Links OS/2!


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Taking aim on a PAR 5...
High resolution graphics and a very flexibile interface...
In the sand trap...
In the desert, you can't remember your name...
Customize your player...
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