Ninja Gems! -
What are they?  Why are they scattered about so lavishly?
When they add to your score and give you extra lives...who cares?!

Green Gems  = 5 pts     Red Gems = 100 pts

Save-Point Sunflower ..."No, its not a Monsterous Paw!" Coin Powerups: Rewarding the most Adventerous Adventurers!
Ninja Stars -
The more you collect the more you can throw.  Take care when throwing, however.  Once you lose one, it's gone for good!
Ninja Stars...Use Wisely! Coins -
Inscribed with many different powers and abilities, these hiddent treasures will prove highly useful in your adventures...if you can find them!
Save-Point Sunflower -
A flower that will bring you back to its position if you lose a life.