Installing Multiplicity

Multiplicity must be installed on a 'Primary' computer that has a connected keyboard, mouse and monitor that will be used to control other 'Secondary' Multiplicity computers.  Primary and Secondary designations are selected by the user during the initial configuration process.  They can, however, be changed at anytime thereafter.

There are two ways to connect Primary PC's to Secondary PC's: Seamless mode and KVM mode:
With this in mind, some level of planning would be prudent when considering what you want as your Primary and Secondary computers and how you want connect to them.  

During the installation process, a keyboard, mouse and monitor must be connected to each computer.  Seamless connected Secondaries will only need a monitor connected after installation and set up.  KVM connected computer will not require a monitor, keyboard or mouse after installation and set up.

To start, you will install and configure Multiplicity on a computer you want as a Secondary in either Seamless or KVM mode.

Downloading and installing Multiplicity 

Please click here to download the most recent version of Multiplicity.  When the download is complete, run the install file accepting the license agreement and selecting 'Next' through the default settings.  Click 'Finish' when complete.

After the installation is complete, you may be prompted with a Windows Security Alert.  Check 'Domain' and 'Private' networks leaving 'Public' unchecked.  Click 'Allow access' to continue.

Note: Make sure you are not connected to a network that is designated as 'Public'.

Configuring Multiplicity on a Secondary

After the installation is complete, choose 'Be a Secondary computer':

The next window details the default settings after installation:

Take note of the following information as it will be required when configuring the Primary computer:
  • Computer name
  • IP address of your Secondary located in the lower left of the window
  • The Passcode (case sensitive)
This completes installing and configuration of a Secondary computer. 

Configuring Multiplicity on the Primary Computer

Follow the steps above for downloading and installing Multiplicity on the computer you want as your Primary.  
After the installation is complete, select 'Be a Primary computer'.  

The activation menu will appear with options for starting a trial, purchasing Multiplicity or entering in details to activate the product.  Click here if you need more information on what you choose.

After the choice is processed, you will prompted for what type of connection you would like to create; Seamless or KVM:

Seamless Mode:  Seamless mode is used when the Secondary computers are local, and the monitors can be seen by the user of the Primary PC (on the same desk for example).  Click here to create a Seamless connection.

KVM Mode: KVM connections are new with Multiplicity 3.  They allow connecting to Multiplicity Secondary computers (local or remote) and have their desktop shown on the Primary computer's monitor. This is much like a hardware KVM would function when you would flip a switch to see the desktop of other computers connected to it.  Click here to create a KVM connection.