Reviews and Articles for Stardock ObjectDock, (2003 – Current ; v0.8 – v1.9):


WinPlanet, Article “Stardock ObjectDock Plus: An Effective Cure for Cluttered Desktop Syndrome” (September 2005, v1.3)


PC-Magazine UK, ObjectDock Plus Editor's Review - "A genuinely useful animated program launcher". (January 2005 issue, v1.0)


LifeHacker, Article: "Featured Windows Download: Give Windows an OS X-like dock with ObjectDock" (June 2007, v1.9)


ZDNet, Walkthrough review "Stardock ObjectDock: The Right Tool for the Job?" (June 2007, v1.9)


CNet &, Editor’s review 4/5 Stars, User reviews 4/5. Over 3.5 Million downloads to date. (2006, v1.5)


PCWorld, Article “20 Things You Didn't Know Your PC Could Do” (February 2003 print issue, v0.9),108720-page,8-c,optimization/article.html


G4 TV, Editor’s review (January 2003, v0.8)


Chicago Sun-Times, Article mention, “Stardock lets you pimp out your PC desktop” (March 2006, v1.5)


SoftPedia, “SoftPedia Pick 5/5” - Editor’s review 5/5 Stars, User reviews 4.4/5 (April 2007, v1.9)


Soft32, Editor’s Review 5/5 “Excellent” (April 2007, v1.9)


SnapFiles, Editor’s review 4/5 stars “Very good”. (April 2007, v1.9), Editor’s review 5/5 Stars (November 2003, v1.0)


PCWorld Magazine, Editor’s review (October 2005 print issue, v1.3),25932-order,1-page,1-c,desktop/description.html


O’Reilly’s Windows DevCenter, Article “Stop Mac Envy Forever” (October 2004, v1.05)


Business Wire, ObjectDock Plus Announcement  (November 2004, v1.0)


CompWisdom, Partial listing of ObjectDock information links and articles (Various)


FileForm, User Reviews (2003 - 2007)


Reilly Cameron, "ObjectDock - a must have Tablet app"

DevNet Software Reviews, Editor’s Review (January 2007, v1.5)


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