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Object Desktop


The Next Generation Desktop Environment

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OS/2 Warp 3 or OS/2 Warp 4
List Price: no longer available
Upgrades: no longer available
Availability: no longer available
Target Market: Every OS/2 user should have this!
The world's most popular OS/2 product!


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update.gif (262 bytes) Look and Feel Creation Kit (requires IBM VisualAge C/C++ or IBM CSet C/C++ - 50K)
Object Desktop 2.0 Announcement
Object Desktop 2.0 Reviewer's Guide
Object Desktop 2.0 User Guide (PDF - 2MB)
Object Desktop 2.0 White Paper
Object Desktop Frequently Asked Questions  
Technical Support and Software Updates (Object Desktop 2.0 and previous versions) Jan 2000


 "Object Desktop brings the OS/2 desktop up to its potential and, in doing so, brings it up to date. And it does it so well, I predict it will be an instant hit and best-seller for OS/2 for a long time. No one who sees it will want to do without it. Keep your eye on this company-- Stardock knows what OS/2 should be and it looks as though it is single-handedly transforming the operating system into that ideal." -InfoWorld.

"Object Desktop makes OS/2 look and feel like a new version." -PC Magazine

"..With the fine reputation Stardock has developed for OS/2 applications, I don't hesitate to recommend Object Desktop fully." -OS/2 Magazine

"Object Desktop complements OS/2 so well that your immediate response is bound to be, 'That's the way a computer is supposed to work.' If you use OS/2, get Object Desktop, It's simply splendid." -Computer Shopper

"Object Desktop's power, flexibility, and sheer presence will delight any OS/2 user!" -PC User

"For all intent and purposes, Object Desktop is a third party upgrade to OS/2 itself." -I/O Magazine

"Object Desktop is the first thing I put on all my machines!" -David Barnes



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