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Object Desktop

Object Desktop is a powerful suite of desktop enhancements that transforms your Windows experience. It's like getting the next version of Windows today.

Object Desktop in Action

Group running applications via tabs and organize your desktop icons.
Animate your desktop background and customize your desktop icons.
Visualize disk usage and control multiple PCs with one keyboard/mouse.
Run with a classic start menu and custom visual styles for your windows.

Applications Included with Object Desktop

  • Curtains

    Easily create and add additional style modes to Windows 10.

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    • Add new "modes" to Windows
    • High DPI monitor support
    • Apply new styles along the lines of Dark and Light Mode
    • Enhance the look and feel of the Windows UI
    • Create and share your own styles
    • Change the Start button, title bar buttons, and title bar
    • Adjust gradient, shadow opacity, and hundreds of other small elements
    • Windows 10 compatible
  • CursorFX 4

    Customize your Windows cursor and create your own.

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    • NEW! Windows 10 support
    • NEW! High DPI support
    • NEW! Increased cursor drawing performance
    • Several new cursor packs
    • Create your own cursors
    • Animated cursors and special effects
    • Sound effects for your mouse clicks
    • Thousands of cursors are available for download from
  • SoundPackager 10

    Customize your auditory experience by applying sound packages to your PC.

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    • Apply premium sound packages to your PC
    • Create and edit any sound package
    • Cloud access to thousands of different sounds
    • Preview sounds with the package editor
    • Windows 7, 8, 10 support
  • DeskScapes 10

    Personalize your desktop background with animations, pictures, and video.

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    • NEW! Easy-to-use background manager
    • Use your images and videos as the desktop background
    • NEW! H264 video support
    • Customize your backgrounds with animations
    • Apply over 60 special effects to your desktop
    • NEW! background and dream library integration
    • Apply any dream as your PC screensaver
  • Groupy

    Organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows desktop.

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    • Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface
    • Organize multiple applications and documents together for convenient access
    • Group related tabs together for optimal workflow
    • Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface
    • Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily
    • Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents
    • Copy files between Explorer tabs by hovering over the target tab
  • Start10/ Start8®

    Return the familiar Start menu to Windows 8/10 and make navigating your PC easier.

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    • Choose from two menu styles to restore familiar interfaces
    • Search within the menu with filters
    • Integrate Stardock's "Fences" into the menu
    • Maintain the "All Programs" folder metaphor
    • Apply textures to the Start10 backgrounds and taskbar
  • Fences®

    Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts, icons and running tasks.

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    • Double click the desktop to hide/reveal icons
    • Customize sized and shaded areas for organizing your desktop
    • Navigate the folder structure directly from within a fence
    • Roll up fences to the title-bar for cleaner desktops
    • Swipe between multiple pages of fences
  • Multiplicity® KM

    Control two PCs with only one keyboard and mouse.

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    • Switch seamlessly between 2 PCs with one mouse and keyboard
    • Copy and paste files, folders, text, and images between PCs
    • Hot Keys for quick access to other PCs
    • Listen to audio from multiple PCs through one PC
  • SpaceMonger

    Quickly free up storage space on PCs, shared-network and in the cloud.

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    • Scan, map, and manage your PC, network, and cloud storage
    • Copy, move, and delete files to free up storage space
    • Locate large files and folders quickly with Treemap visuals
    • Find files by size, type and custom criteria with flexible search
    • Take clean-up actions on dynamically built file lists
  • WindowBlinds

    Customize the look and feel of your taskbar, window frames, and more.

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    • Apply custom skins to your desktop
    • Add backgrounds, textures and colors to skins
    • Choose your own skin fonts
    • Design your own skins with SkinStudio
  • IconPackager

    Change all your Windows icons at once with custom icon packages.

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    • Replace default Windows icons with icon packages
    • Change individual file type icons
    • Recolor icon packages
    • Windows 7, 8, 10 support
  • Tiles

    Create multiple desktops of related programs, files and links.

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    • Quickly switch between active and inactive tasks
    • Create custom pages to suit your computing style
    • Swiftly move from one application to the next
    • Quickly view and manage running applications

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