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Association Wizard

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Association Wizard is the beginning of Stardock's attempt to give Windows a more object-oriented nature than it currently has.  Presently, files are associated by their .3 extension.  When a file type (like .GIF) gets associated with something (like IE4) that's pretty much the end of the story for that type of file.  When you click on it, you'll load up IE4.  Expert users can dig into the system and add menu items that allow you to run other files instead but it is a tedious and time consuming process.

With Association Wizard, right click on a data file (.GIF or .DOC or .TXT type file) and then choose "Associate".  You will then be taken to a dialog that will let you associate multiple programs with that type of file.

Once completed, when you right click on a file, you will have a new menu item called "Open with" which lists the programs you have chosen.
  Method #1 Step 1: Right click on the file.  

  Step 2: The current default open option.   

Step 3: Add a new assocation.   

Step 4: Entering in the additional association.  
Final Step: File now has a new association plus the default. 

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