Browsing with the Object Browser

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To access an object in the Browser, simply click an object button. Data file objects are opened in their associated application or in the text editor. Program objects are launched. When an command window is clicked, a command window is opened and the command is executed.
When you click a folder object in the Browser, its contents are displayed on a menu, as shown in the following figure.  

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The contents of folder objects in the Browser are updated automatically. For example, if the Favorites folder is a Browser object, it is updated every time you add a new Favorite.
To customize the appearance of icons in the Browser section, open the Browser page of the Properties notebook.

Object Browser Settings

By default, small buttons are used to display Browser objects. To use larger icons, click the Large icon radio button.

Show Captions

By default, text titles identify each Browser button. To conserve real estate on the Control Center, you can display icons only by deselecting the Show Captions checkbox.

Objects are Drop Targets.

To enable Browser buttons to act as drop targets, mark the checkbox. If you drag and drop an object from the Windows desktop or from a Explorer folder to a browser button in the Control Center, the drag-and-drop operation is routed through the browser object itself.
For example, if the Recycling Bin is a browser button and you drop an object on this button, the object will be moved to the Recycling Bin

Hide Icons on Browser Menu

Browser buttons normally display a mini-icon next to the text for each object (see the above figure) to make it easier to recognize items visually. To disable this feature,  you can display only the text  by selecting the Hide Icons on Browser Menu checkbox.

Enable Enumeration of Removable Devices

By default, the Control Center will attempt to treat removable media drives in the same fashion as any other drive on your system or the network (e.g. it will display the contents of any browser objects created for that drive or directories on the drive). However, in recognition of the fact that a piece of media may not always be mounted in the drive, this may not be the optimal behavior depending on a user's circumstances. To disable attempts by the Control Center to automatically determine the contents of a removable media drive, simply deselect this checkbox.