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  Component Manager  

As of June 2003, the Component Manager has been superceded by Stardock Central. Updates to components are only available via Stardock Central now. Use the form at to have your serial number and this link to download Stardock Central sent to your email address.

Component Manager

Component Manager is the heart and soul of The Object Desktop Network.  It is what makes it possible for you to be able to treat a remote server as if it were your local CD ROM drive.

Here's how it works:

Once you've received your Object Desktop Network serial number...

You download Component Manager, type in the necessary details into "User Information" section, press Update Configuration, and then switch to the Object Desktop section.  Component Manager then connects to Stardock.Net (or any other server that has been put into configuration) which then directs it to the Object Desktop Network's Component Manager Server.  The server lists all the currently available components, their version, size, and some descriptive text.  The client side (your version) is given these details and if a component is newer than the one you already have installed, it will list it as available for download. 

Click on the components you want and download them (download progress can be monitored on the Available Components section).  Once downloaded, they will be available on the Downloaded Components section as "Installable".  From this section, you can install, uninstall, and remove the downloaded source archives. 

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Component Manager is no longer supported for access to Object Desktop. Please see the note at left. If you absolutely must have a copy for an older install you have archived, please email with your registration info.

You must purchase Object Desktop and obtain a serial number for the Component Manager to function. If you have not purchased OD, do not download the Component Manager.  

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