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Above all, Object Desktop is a desktop environment.  Another one of its optional features is to change the look and feel of Windows 95/NT.  The Object Desktop look is dervived from a combination of NeXTStep, OS/2 Warp, and Copeland that is integrated with the existing look of Windows 95/98/NT.


Screenshots (200-300K each):

snap.gif (949 bytes)Object Desktop Theme w/Control Center 1.0.1

snap.gif (949 bytes)Macintosh Theme

snap.gif (949 bytes)Object Desktop OS/2 Theme

snap.gif (949 bytes)Mandrake Enlightenment Theme

snap.gif (949 bytes)Old WindowFX 0.11 Screenshot

snap.gif (949 bytes)Future Teaser



shadow.gif (342 bytes)WindowFX 0.25 Public Beta [10/24/98 - 1MB]

shadow.gif (342 bytes)Support DLL for WindowFX [all versions - 600K]

shadow.gif (342 bytes)Renovator Utility for modifying GENERIC.THM [note: this is not a Stardock program and is provided here only as service to people interested in creating new themes until the ThemeBuilder application is available - 500K]


Additional Themes:

Coming soon . . .


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