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The Next Generation Desktop Environment


It is important to remember that Object Desktop isn't a single program. It is a collection of programs called "components" that each perform a very specific function in allowing you to transform your Windows PC.



Component Name Description Screen Shot Demo?

Stardock Central Stardock Central is a program that combines downloading software updates, chat, message boards, and much more together into a single program. It makes it easy to download updates to Object Desktop components as well as access free software and demos. download.gif (284 bytes)
TreeView Treeview is an extension that allows users to view folders in a new way -- via a tree. It can greatly increase the ease and speed of navigating through a crowded hard drive.    
WinStyles WinStyles uses the Object Desktop components to change your entire desktop at once by applying a suite of skins, icons and themes. winstyles1.jpg (52756 bytes) download.gif (284 bytes)
ControlCenter ControlCenter is the ultimate virtual desktop manager. It clearly and reliably allows users to manage windows on many desktops while at the same time monitoring their resources. It also serves as a great way of launching applications and can replace the Start Bar. For more details, click here. cc-feb01.jpg (197301 bytes)

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DesktopX DesktopX is the component designed to allow users to build their own desktops to suit their specific needs. Easily design your own desktops or use desktops (themes) created by others to maximize your productivity and computing experience. dx-jan01.jpg (231705 bytes) download.gif (284 bytes)
IconPackager IconPackager complements WindowBlinds in that it comes with icon packages that are of a particular theme. When a theme is applied, all the icons on the system (not just a few like Plus! 98 does) are changed. Creating your own icon package is easy, simply choose "Save As..." from its menu after setting up your system just the way you want it. Now you can trade that package with other users or keep is archived for backup purposes. ip-jan01.gif (39715 bytes) download.gif (284 bytes)
ObjectBar ObjectBar is designed to let users replace their Start bar with one of their own liking and design. The Start menu, system tray, task manager and a host of brand new features can be combined, arranged, and extended to build a replacement Start bar to suit your needs. ob-feb01.jpg (125018 bytes) download.gif (284 bytes)
ObjectZip Treat your ZIP files as if they were standard folders on your desktop. Object Zip is currently in internal beta, though an older version is available. ozip-jan01.jpg (234915 bytes)
WebBlinds WebBlinds turns Internet Explorer into a fully skinnable web browser.  Why download third party browsers that "skin" themselves when you can get all the benefits of using Microsoft's standard browser and all the benefits of a fully skinnable browser. web-feb01.jpg (85061 bytes)  
WindowBlinds WindowBlinds allows users to totally change the look and feel of Windows to meet their needs. It's more than just eye candy though, user created "skins" can add extra functionality to Windows along with restrict what users can do with their windows if necessary. WindowBlinds is the ultimate way to take control over how Windows looks and feels. download.gif (284 bytes)
WindowFX Add additional visual effects to Windows 98 and Windows 2000.  Users with Windows 2000 can take advantage of the numerous new visual features Win2K such as shadows, transparencies and more. winfx-jun00.jpg (152713 bytes) download.gif (284 bytes)
Object Edit A powerful editor that loads as fast as Notepad. Object Edit comes with syntax highlighting and great speed. It also works from the command line making it a great replacement for Notepad and Wordpad.  
Tab LaunchPad A launch bar that works by allowing the user to separate their programs by category in an easy to use tab user interface. tlp-jun00.gif (4093 bytes)
DriveScan DriveScan graphically maps out where all of your disk space is going. Users can now see what is taking up all that disk space and makes it much easier to reclaim it. drivescan.jpg (82193 bytes)
SkinStudio SkinStudio is a powerful visual interface creation environment that makes it easy to create WindowBlinds skins and soon skins for other programs as well. skinstudio.jpg (96799 bytes)  
Object Sweeper A simple program that picks up where Windows leaves off in terms of easily eliminating wasted disk space on your system.    
SpringFolders SpringFolders will automatically open folders while you're dragging an object to them.    
Keyboard LaunchPad The Keyboard LaunchPad allows users to enter in a hot key combination to launch any program, website, or perform virtually any system command. It is an incredibly useful utility for increasing productivity.    
Component Tray Component Tray provides a single point of access for all of the Object Desktop components installed on your system. It also facilitates switching between your most recent WindowBlinds skins and IconPackager themes.    
Coming Attractions... The above components are either available or about to be available.   They're all being updated constantly to get better and better.  Coming attractions gives a sneak preview of things we're working on for next year.  



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