Sneak Previews of what's around the corner...  

[The Object Desktop Network is half about what you get the very day you sign up and half about the new things you'll be able to get in the future with your subscription. Not all of these projects may come into fruition according to plan. Some may come earlier than we expect, others later. This is a list of things that are in the pipeline with our best guess availability. These projects may be canceled at any time.]

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This is in no particular order...


Image Navigator: Future

Image Navigator has been designed to make it easy to manage large numbers of image files. For the first time, large scale image organization is both flexible and easy to use. Thumbnails are high quality and yet can be generated on the fly very fast. This component will be a must for anyone with a large image collection of any kind. 


SmartException gives you vastly more information about why a program crashes and for developers lets them have instant-exception handling with very little effort.


Desktop enhancements work their magic by creating a system hook. Too many system hooks can slow down the system. The MCP can orchestrate this as well as manage programs on bootup so that they load in the proper order which can speed up boot time. 

DesktopX NG

The Next Generation version of DesktopX becomes a powerful development environment capable of allowing end users and IT developers to create secure desktop environments. It can also be used to create personalized desktops that are cool, fun, or more productive.

TaskList: Future

On Windows, you either have the start bar to keep track of tasks or if you have Windows NT/2000 you have the ultra powerful task manager.  TaskList hooks into Ctrl-Esc allowing users to easily list what is currently running and rely less on the Start bar.

Other Goodies...

Stardock also regularly puts small cool things onto ODNT such as small helper programs, premium skin suites, enhanced WinCustomize features, and more.

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