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Making OS/2 a nicer place to live

Runs on: OS/2 Warp 3.0 or later

 PlusPak: Themes!

Available exclusively from Stardock's online commerce server, the PlusPak not only lets OS/2 users make their systems extremely slick, it gives them the ability to trade themes with one another. If you run OS/2 for any length of time, making your desktop pleasant to look at is important. The PlusPak makes it easy to transform your desktop into a work of art. Simply click on the "Theme" you want and your OS/2 icons will change to fit that new theme. Stardock has worked for many months on the beautiful hand crafted icons available in the PlusPak. We think you'll agree that they are amongst the nicest looking icons ever made for any OS. But you are not limited to to just the themes we make. Other OS/2 users will now be able to create their own themes. To create a theme, simply drag and drop a theme from the template and tell it to make a theme out of your current desktop. 

If you are an OS/2 user who has been looking for a cool applet to enhance your desktop, look no further! 

One of the many themes that comes with PlusPak
Another PlusPak theme in action
Yet another PlusPak theme!
Windows NT 4.0 User Theme
Cool Theme #1 User Theme
PlusPak: Themes Support


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