Stardock Central: A closer look

In a nutshell

Stardock Central is a front end that provides real time updates to all of Stardocks products and services. With it, a user of Object Desktop or or WinCustomize or CursorXP or whatever can receive instant access to the latest/greatest versions of the software they've purchased. Additionally it integrated chat, news, and direct access to the latest available documentation on each of the programs. Stardock expects to expand it to allow users to organize Stardock affiliated software, suites, game add-ons, and more.

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Stardock Central

Our story so far...

In the summer of 1999 Stardock introduced This was nearly a year before Microsoft announced its .NET initiative. The goal of was to deliver a set of services on-line to users via a subscription. The first product that used this technology was Object Desktop. With Object Desktop, Stardock was able to provide a product where the user not only received the software that was already available (and keep that software forever) but receive timely and meaningful updates for an entire year afterwards. It became a tremendous success.

To interact with the back end, the company provided Component Manager for its users.

Component Manager for Object Desktop

In 1999, Component Manager was pretty state of the art. A user having entered in their Object Desktop serial number was greeted with a listing of all the available parts of Object Desktop along with its current updates. It could even backup and restore previous versions of those components. But Component Manager was also rather difficult to use and required re-downloading the entire component whenever a new version came out. Documentation and help were not integrated leaving many new users wondering what the heck to do next.

Stardock has been working for the past two years to create a next generation way of interacting with not just Object Desktop but all of Stardock's various products and services. The result: Stardock Central:

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What's the big deal?