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.:Stellar Frontier News Archive:.

The Stellar Frontier Tri-Fleet Tournament is now over, and it was a smashin' success! Congratulations to Alpha Clan Elite for having the best net kill/death ratio, and congratulations to Tribal Warriors Brotherhood for having the most total kills.

ACE: 29/2 (14.5)
SIN: 13/116 (0.112)
TRIBE: 95/20 (4.75)

Stellar Frontier Tri-Fleet Tournament to be held August 10th-August 12th, 2007. For more details visit the Fleet register page @ Stellar Frontier Online!

More updates: a FanFiction archive section added to the main page (this very page!), more Mods and Graphics available than ever before, and one file which was previously available under "Mods" has been moved to "Graphics." Visit the libraries today!

The Mod Library and Graphics Library pages have been completely updated and enhanced. All the links & downloads now work once again and new links & downloads have been added! Enjoy!

The main Stellar Frontier homepage itself (this page!) has been updated and given a slight makeover as well. :) Additionally, many rare documents and materials that were previously quite hard to find are now hosted right here on Stellar Frontier Online. Look for more to come in the coming days & weeks as more documents and materials are found and brought here. Explore the site's pages to find links to these materials! (The materials are 'hidden' in various pages depending on what stuff the materials are relevant to.) Have fun and enjoy.

Feel the need to explore history? Check out an old and lovingly restored Stellar Frontier news article! Or, check out the old fleet register.

Spend a few minutes reading Anaxis' classic discourse on lag. And study Banjo's tips on how to make and host a safe server on Stellar Frontier.

.:Stellar Frontier for Download:.

Get ready for some intense multiplayer space combat action! Stellar Frontier is for download at the click of a button. For those of you who are new, we've gathered some materials you might want to read on the download page. Fasten your seat belts, watch those scanners, and don't be stingy with the torpedos!

.:Some of the Basics of SF:.

.:The Real Action:.

Most of the action outside of the game takes place on StellarForum, the Stellar Frontier central forum.


Fleets are simply organized fighting forces in the game. In some other games, they are called 'clans' or 'squads'. Most fleets have forums or discussion boards where people can chat and apply to join. Anyone who plays SF can start a fleet if he or she can get other players to join it.

.:Newbie Guides:.

Anaxis' Newbie Guide will help new players with some of the basic (and not so basic) strategies employed by players. It will help you get up to speed quickly and get that kill count up.

.:Official Documentation:.

The Official Documentation will answer any questions you have about the basic functions of the game itself.


Here are some delightful pieces of Stellar Frontier-related fan fiction that have been archived here at Stellar Frontier Online for your viewing pleasure!

First Contact, by SFWebmaster
Force of Empire, by Silence
Galactic Core Survey Report, by Anaxis
Ships In The Night, by Silence
Stellar Frontier Novella, by Silence
The Trap, by Silence

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