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Tired of getting smashed by that Dreadnaught with the huge array of lasers? Sick of being tossed to the side by the top veterans with all the new weapons and ships? This page is how you'll beat them down!

The Stellar Aces gives you a special identification code that allows you to gain access to special weapons and defenses. These weapons and ships are designed to allow the Stellar Aces player to gain an advantage over unregistered players. Weapons in the package inflict more damage in less time and the ships are bigger, better, and meaner-looking. To order the Stellar Aces, go to the link below and click on Stellar Frontier.

As of 07/31/2007, Stellar Frontier has gone officially, completely free. If you haven't purchased a Stellar Aces code already in the past, all you have to do to get one is drop us a line, provide your primary e-mail address for Stardock's database of Stellar Aces/Admiral's Club members (yup, you will be put in the same database with people who purchased Stellar Aces in the past!), and you will get a legitimate, fully-functional Stellar Aces code straight from Stardock for Stellar Frontier, for free! No strings attached, no catches, no gimmicks, no tricks, no nada. Just free codes for all SF players!

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Special Features in the Stellar Aces (or soon to come):

New Features What they do:
Lasers I, II, and III These lethal weapons are used to rapidly take out a ship's armor. Each laser will also automatically shoot any bombs that come near.
Ram This is a heavy warhead strapped to the front of your ship. When you run right into an enemy target, it will explode and harm the target but not you. Good for dogfighting.
Marauder This is an awesome ship with relatively large internal volume, relatively small external profile, and high speed & maneuverability. Basically ideal for dogfighting. Comes with wonderful default settings too. And it's available to all ranks, from Cadet to Deity, so even if you're a newbie, you can still make use of this excellent ship. This is the preferred ship by SF veterans and newbies alike.
BattleCruiser This is a good ship that is between the non-Stellar Aces standard Stellar Frontier Cruiser and Battleship ship classes in terms of power. It comes excellently equipped and has a high speed & maneuverability for its size. This is an overall significantly better ship than either the Cruiser or the Battleship ships. Requires a minimum rank of Fleet Captain to use.

NOTE: The BattleCruiser is a "borderline standard" Stellar Frontier ship and hence may not be available for use in all servers.
Starbase This is the single most powerful ship in Stellar Frontier in terms of size and raw offensive and defensive power. The Starbase is significantly more powerful than the Dreadnought, the most powerful non-Stellar Aces Stellar Frontier ship class. It is the only ship which can be realistically equipped with the powerful rapid2 and laserIII weapons (yes, you could cram a laserIII or a rapid2 onto a Dreadnought, but to do so you'd have to strip out or dramatically downgrade most of the other systems, including shielding; this problem does not arise for a Starbase). Requires a minimum rank of Fleet Admiral to use.

These are just a few of the new, supercharged ships to be included in the Stellar Aces:

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