Game Resources:

-o- Newbie Guide - All new players should read this document by Anaxis, one of the best writers amoung the SF community.

-o- Official Documentation - A complete resource on functions of the game and a few helpful Mid-level player tips at the end.

Tactical Resources:

-o- Phoenix Edition 1 - This is the first in the series of Phoenix's helpful tips for mid-level players. Includes preliminary remarks and "Tips and Tricks for Refitting".

-o- Phoenix Edition 2 - Second edition covers a number of things: "Improving Your Kill Count", "Improving Your Game Score", and "Tips and Tricks for Colonization"!

-o- Phoenix Edition 3 - Good information on methods of defeating a Starbase, something we can all use from time to time.

Mod Resources:

-o- Server Creation Howto - (By Jason Kane) A good resource of knowledge in how Dat files in SF work. It will help you a great deal if you're tring to make your own server.

-o- Adding Images to SF Servers - (By Jason Kane) You've got an image and you want to get it into the game? Here's how it all works.

-o- NEWSGROUP: "How do I get started making new .DATs for SF?"- (By Anaxis)An answer to a question by a newbie in the area of making Mods in SF.

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