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Name Callsign Race Leader(s) Members Website
Short Description & Forum Joining Information - Who To Contact
Alpha Clan Elite ACE Any SFWebmaster 3 http://alphaclanelite.bravehost.com/
ACE consists of some of the best, most dedicated, and most skilled veterans ever to fly in Stellar Frontier. ACE functions as an enduring symbol of skill and dedication, setting a high standard for new players to aspire to, and serving to recognize and reward the perseverance of remaining old players. Standards are fairly strict for membership; prospective ACE members will need to take a test administed by a fleet leader.

Ask SFWebmaster in game or e-mail SFWebmaster.

Blackfire Armada BA Any Atrum Erus 7 ---
BA symbolizes all that is fierce and glorious about the naval force of Umbra. This fleet has long inspired terror in all its foes, and delivered its wrath upon planetary surfaces from the orbit of whatever planet been cursed by its aggressions. The fleet consists of a multitude of ships. Terran, Arcean, and Drengin craft have been mass produced to keep the fleet diverse, and protect against it having any solitary weakness to be exploited. However, it would seem the majority of craft within the armada are modeled off the Drengin design.

Webmaster's Note: BA is currently at war with all other fleets in Stellar Frontier.

Go to the forum to apply.

Drengin Elite Fleet DEF Drengin Ditch
1 ---
No Information Provided

Ask Ditch in game, e-mail Ditch, or go to the forum to apply.

SIN SIN Any Burton1
5 ---
SIN upholds justice in Stellar Frontier and will defend the morals of the game as well. SIN members vow to attack any enemy that would try and destroy Stellar Frontier.

Ask Burton1 or Tovec in game, e-mail Burton1 or Tovec, or go to the forum to apply.

Tribal Warriors Brotherhood TRIBE Drengin Havik 5 http://tribefleet.awardspace.com/
No Information Provided

Ask Havik in game, e-mail Havik, or go to the forum to apply.

War Dragons WD Drengin DeathDragon 2 http://wardragons.awardspace.com/
WD is a fleet of elite warriors from around the Stellar Frontier universe. Standards are fairly strict for regular membership (prospective WD members will need to take a test administered by a fleet leader); however, a training program is available for newer players.

Ask DeathDragon in game or e-mail DeathDragon.

Your Fleet FLEET Race You # URL
Are you a new fleet leader or co-leader in Stellar Frontier? Would you like to get your fleet added to this register? Simply contact the webmaster, and provide: 1) full name of your fleet; 2) callsign; 3) preferred/required race, if any; 4) the primary Stellar Frontier username of each of the fleet leader(s); 5) current (not hoped-for/anticipated/expected) member count; 6) URL for the fleet website, if any; or if there is no website, URL for the fleet forum, if any; 7) short (one paragraph maximum) fleet description; 8) joining information/who to contact. We will get back to you as soon as we can, once we determine whether your fleet is eligible for listing or not. E-mail the webmaster and provide your primary e-mail address for future correspondence.

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