The Fleet crown for Week1 of December 2001 is awarded to
Knights Of Arcea
For a great performance in the last Fleet Battle

Fleet Register

Name Callsign Race Leader(s) Members Web Site
Short Description Joining Information - Who To Contact
HOPE Fleet HOPE Terran The_Obliterator 14 http://hopefleet.cjb.net
No Information Provided No Information Provided

Knights Of Arcea KOA Arcean Silence
13 http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/KOA/
No Information Provided No Information Provided

WarDragons WD Drengin DeathDragon 17 http://www.wardragons.f2s.com
No Information Provided Visit the Website above, and click on 'Join'

Brethren of STEE-EL BoS Drengin Nyphur 15 http://steelfleet.cjb.net
BoS was founded based on a comic and a song that "Digignome" sang when he was drunk. The BoS SF fleet is owned by Nyphur and is the first of the "new" fleets to survive well over 6 months and still be going strong, and is now accepted as one of the major active fleets. BoS uses the layering of members into squadrons based on an overall skill level, which allows almost any decent or chivilrous player to join. Visit the website above, and click on 'Stellar Frontier', then click on 'Join'


Send details to nyphur@ukonline.co.uk

Alpha Clan Elite ACE Any plague 5 n/a
ACE was originally founded by a joint partnership between Moonraker and plague at the end of June, 2001. The partnership was based on plague's modding ability and Moonraker's hosting capacity. The first name was thrown, as it was race specific. With Moonraker having left SF, ACE was left in the hands of plague alone, who finished what had been started. It wasn't until September 9th that ACE was opened, with the mission to uphold its beliefs, seek and destroy enemies, and recruit the best. No Information Provided

Elite Suicide Squad -=eSs=- Any Nerd Burger 11 http://sf.ess-collective.cjb.net
The -=eSs=- collective expanded its operations into Stellar Frontier on the 1st of August, 2001. Dedicated mainly to enjoying the game, the -=eSs=- is a relatively low-profile fleet. Visit the website above, and click on 'Join'

Open Spot - Please contact Mercury-Imposter to get added to this list.

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