Force Of Empire

The ship moved through space with grace that was characteristic of the race that had built it. It was shaped like a giant spade and had bumps and blisters all across its dark hull. The dark black metal made the ship look almost invisible to the naked eye. However for its current mission it had to remain under the sights of the other ship that it was sent out to meet. The crew on the vessel looked at the fable Imperium warship with a mixture of awe and horror. Awe from the warship being larger then anything they could build and horror for what it was designed to do. Their starship had traveled for months to get to this distant system they were now at. A meeting ground between the two warring parties in a dead system that contained only a single white dwarf in it. A war that was so single sided that the Imperium was worried that something was afoot, nothing was suppose to come this easy or that was the offical reason given. As the two ships slowed down to dock with each other all thoughts turn to what could happen and what will come to be.

The Honorable Jsas. Kaep Duem ambassador of the Kliea Association of Peace was in a foul mood. Not only had he contracted the space sickness that had followed his race to the stars, he was going to meet with the barbarians that had butchered over 300 hundred worlds. The Honored Jsas moved his multi segmented body down the tube that connected the Association ship with the Imperium one. The race that made up the Imperium had decided not to follow the great Treaty of the Great Harmony Voices that was set into motion from over thousands years ago, a treaty that had lead to unparalleled peace across the galaxy with the Imperiumís predecessor acting as its guarding against the barbarians. When the race collapsed into chaos after a nano plague of unseen proportions that destroyed most of the worlds and collapsed the Republic. The Imperium had been acting paranoid taking a bunker mentality and seeing that how much it would cost to rebuild the worlds they owned decided to move and take others. Already 2 other races had been exterminated in the relentless acts of war. Ships from the Association designed to take out a rouge asteroid or a pirate were know forced to fight against ships that not only outsized and outclassed them but outnumbered them as well. It was as according to many of the Association a "A Bad Thing Indeed". So when the Honored Jsas got to the other side of the tube, he was not surprised to be meet with the heavily armed marines dressed in their black body armor, covered from head to toe in the black suit of armor. The first one said, "Come Honored Jsas, I will take you to see the Governor now."

When the Mcmax came in, Governor Kelly Willkinson stood up from the long table and said through the AI translator, "Greetings Honored Jsas. I hoped you had a pleasant trip."

The governor looked at the long alien that looked like a giant caterpillar and thought how alien he looked. Though she couldnít help but think that she a human female with her dark black hair and blue eyes must look equally as weird to him. The AI added the emotion back into standard English when the Kliean ambassador said, "I did not have a pleasant trip, on this way 5 more worlds have been burned. Where was the cease-fire you promised us if we could meet with you one more time."

Kelly shrugged and said, "There was minor mess up back at Stratcom, a FTL message was sent out to the wrong ships in Pharisee Quadrant. That is to be expected when you have over 100 hundred fleets rampaging through your empire."

"Its not an empire, it is an Association of Peaceful beings, I seriously doubt that it was a mess up, all to often your Imperium has lead an efficient war. I would suspect that your butchers that you have placed in charge of your fleets decided to claim that they didnít receive the word in time to stop the bombs from falling." The Mcmax said, moving the segmented body down on the chair that was made for him on the other side of the long table. Kelly sat down and with a quick subvocal command small robots began serving the beginning parts of the meal.

"Maybe, maybe not, but the fact is that I have enough pressure in the Senate to allow me to do anything in this sector."

That was true thought the Honored Jsas. Kaep Duem the barbarian sitting in front of him had a point. The Senate that had once run the Republic had most of its worlds wiped out from plauge the others in the uncivilized part of the galaxy had set upon them. The Association and other multi-stellar nations had tried to appease the new Imperium that had risen out of the ashes with several worlds on the borders they shared with the humans. That had only worked until the nations giving up the systems ran out of systems to give. When the Imperium had decided to build up its war fleet, (something that was unheard of when they announced it) and stated that it was going to end the threat of the uncivilized part of the galaxy once and for all, most of the stellar nations went along with it thinking they were going to get rid of the pirate kingdoms and place stable and peacefull governments. To the shock and horror they watched the Imperium bombed most of the worlds in the uncivilized part and had force migrations to mineral poor planets, destroyed the defeated races tech base, and placed into orbit automated battlestations ready to blast anything that looks above the middle ages. They claimed they did it for revenge since it was thought that one of the pirate nations had let lose the nano plague upon the old Republic. Then the Imperium had turned its fleets back through civilized space forcing the surrender of 98% of every race that saw a war fleet above their skies. However the Association the largest of the stellar nations decided not to surrender but fight with what they had.

"So tell me, Governor Wilkinson how can you sleep at night knowing that billions of innocent lives have been taken by your actions."

"I donít know how your leaders sleep at all. I made a direct statement of fact, called in the necessary warships and began this current operation, this flagship alone if given the time could wipe out all of your worlds. Plus you have over half a million more planets."

"All true, except that you are the one who acts on your threats, the Kliea have made no hostile actions towards the Imperium at all." the Jsas said.

Kellyís eyes flashed with anger, "Of course not, the Kliea until recently have done nothing at all, except grow and leach of our protection. The Terms of Surrender are quite clear, you will be able to retain home rule as long as you follow our guidelines."

"Your guidelines are unacceptable." Kaep Duem stated. Kelly took a drink from the robot standing next to her and said, "What part of it do you find unacceptable."

"The entire thing. It is a document that will give away our most treasured right, freedom."

Kelly put the glass down and said, "I thought the Kliea put more importance on peace then anything else."

"Without freedom there can be no peace, there deep down inside the spirit of all the races that make up the Kliea will be anger and resentment and horror that they would be made lesser to barbarians. Murderous thieves of worlds that rule not through leadership, nor wisdom, nor compassion, nor luck but through force alone." The Honored Jsas shuddered when he said it, the savage in front of him had driven out the savage in him and he forgot all manners of diplomacy in his words.

Kelly leaned back in her chair and looked at the alien. She said, "You say we rule through force alone. Do you think force is something that is useless?"

The answer that came back was, "It has its uses but force always leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads down the wrong path. We know the racial shock your race must of felt when it lost all those worlds so long ago but you must move on and accept that things happen. You can not control the entire galaxy through violence."

Kelly laughed and said, "Your poor deluded thing, we already have, most of the known galaxy is under the control of the Senate and the governors the Senate appoints. I guess you didnít know since we have destroyed most of your extreme long range communications, yours is the only one left in the galaxy other then the Imperium that is under its own control."

The Mcmax gave its own version of a gasp and looked at Kelly silently trying to digest the information. Kelly went on, "You say that force leads to anger and anger leads to hate. In this you are wrong, force in this case will lead to a galaxy of freedom. You say that we take away your freedom to do anything but in reality we are only protecting you. We will allow no others to harm you, we will protect your trade ships and we will allow you to settle new worlds outside the stated guidelines from that silly treaty from thousands of years ago." Kelly said ticking of the points.

"That is true, but if we give up our government to yours, it will take us about 1000 years of chaos and reorganization to rebuild it after yours falls into the ground."

Kelly leaned foreword and said, "You have hopes that the great big empire of ours will collapse"

"I know it will." the Mcmax said, moving its many hands to grab the various food plates and began eating with all 3 of its mouths.

"If you think it will collapse anyway why not just surrender and get it over and wait." Kelly asked.

"Because we have been cowards, we should of stopped you when we realized what you were doing with the pirates, but we did nothing. We should of stopped you when you started demanding our worlds and we did nothing. Now we must pay the price and drive you out of this galaxy and we protect the rest of the Universe from your mad dreams of Empires. Our forefathers made a mistake to let you in the great treaty when you came to us so many thousands of years ago, and allowed you to stay in and not exile you away."

Kelly laughed and said, "You didnít know?"

The honored Jsas responded, "Know what?"

"My dear, honored Jsas, all those pirate kingdoms, they were nations that had tried to exile us. When whatever aliens at the time were defeated them we sent them out hoping they would try to give up on their plans and leave us alone. When we were appointed the policeman of the galaxy it was partially to clean up our own messes, and to keep the real barbarians out. Then the plague came. You Mcmax are long lived and you looked old enough, you know what your precious Association did to Republic which was trying to move refugees out from the plauge? After all the warships and ships capable defending themselves were gone? Yours and other put a strict blockade on us and refused to send any ships into our space to help us and used your paltry police force to blow away fleeing ships. You know what they called it on the planets that survived the plague? The Great Betrayal, we had fought so hard to protect the ideals of the Galactic Community, only to find that when we actually needed help you did nothing. Nothing!!!." She shouted leaving silence in its wake.

The Mcmax sat there stunned, the Association had thought the Imperium had lost that bit of history along with the rest of the human races history in the great plague. But that was not an excuse for the genocidal bent the Imperium was taking.

"That is sadly true, but it is not a reason why your nation should go around stomping on others to submit or die."

"The submit or die is just this sector only policy, several of the others governors have cut deals with the conquered nations, I think they are fools but I have no say in that matter."

Of course the Mcmax thought, the Senate was behind this, the spies in the Imperium had told the Kliea that the Governor was doing to much damage to the planets. She had been ordered to take them in intact not burn them to cinders. That was the only reason why the both sides had agree to meet for a peace meeting.

"You would do well to follow their path, for if you are to be long in this part of the galaxy as its ruler you should treat us like equals."

Kelly replied, "Equality is in the eye of the beholder, we will never be equal."

The Kliean Jsas sat there for a minute and then said, "We can go on for hours, but I beg of you end this madness, force is no way to run an empire!"

"Force is the blood of empires, Honored Jsas, your race would be severed well if you remember that."

"Force is not the blood, ideas and trade and freedom are the living blood of a stellar nation. Force is just used as a cheap supplement, any moron can build a nifty gun but in the end it takes more then a grunts strength and army organization to run an empire, you need people who are willing to express themselves, communicate, disagree with what the main government says without dying for it. Force can not supply any of those things and in many cases hinders it. That is why all the empires of yours have failed. Though this be the first time you tried to expand outside your borders."

"What other empires?í Kelly asked, raising her eyebrows.

The Mcmax gave himself a mental slap on the forehead and remembered the Imperium lost large parts of its early history during the plague.

"You wouldnít know what I be talking about if I gave their names, they all failed because the yearning for freedom in the populace even after its been dulled to hard life comes out every couple of generations. The government then tries to do what is it does best, use force, only to find that the people are immune to the amount of death the government will deal out, that they will stand and will not surrender, the outcome is determined, all that matters is how much blood the falling system will take with it before it dies."

"Nonsense, tales to try to make us fear, force alone will allow us to run this galaxy and others." Kelly was drawing to take a another breath and give a long diatribe when the robot servant came out of the darkness and gave her a piece of paper. Kelly looked at it and said, "Honored Jsas, I fear that important business must be attended to, the cease-fire will last until I make a final decision about the fate of this sector. My guards will escort you to your ship. Good night Honored Jsas." The Mcmax suddenly realized that there was two armed guards standing next to him in their black body armor. Sighing he got up and walked back towards his ship. An hour later he was in cabin feeling sick and wondering why the meeting had ended so suddenly and with such a positive note. When he finally got back to the capital spacestation of Kliea, he found out. Governor Terrence McMurphy had launch an attack against the Senate itself, he made a public speech about overthrowing the fools in the Senate and leading the Imperium himself to greater glory. Other governors had either joined him in his rebellion or started another a war to create their own mini-Imperium or try to take it all. The Imperium was falling into civil war, Kelly Willkinson moved her forces back to human controlled space and gathered several other governors to follow her to victory. 5 years after the meeting with the peace still going on, word had come in that Governor Kelly Willkinson had died in a surprise ambush by her own second-in-command Denise Ricardo. In the next 50 years of civil war the Imperiumís borders shrank by 30% giving several nations back their freedom. The Imperium as a body cease to exist in the 90th year of civil war when Terrence McMurhpy died, the fragile peace he had put together vanished overnight as old foes fought each other again this time they lacked a person like McMurphy and then anarchy ruled supreme The Association meanwhile had built up a sizable defense force, what it had learned from the bloody days of the Imperium was to never leave your own defense to others. It was true the Mcmax leaders thought, that in war you become more like your enemy, and in slaughter that the Imperium called a the Unification War the other races of the galaxy were given a wake up call about the use of force, though looking back at the dark tumor of war and violence that used to be home to the Imperium, they and others like them decided to temper force with other ideas they had always had such as love and peace and freedom. Things were now different from the carefree days before the war. The Honored Jsas. Kaep Duem when hearing about the collapse of the Imperium turned to the class he was teaching and said, "Empires die, by force alone, now the Imperium has learn that, and hopefully you will learn that as well, we must remember that lesson and impart it to other races that will come along and have no idea of the terrible tragedy that took place. Please children, we have change our lifestyles to fill in a gap since the galaxy has become dangerous once again, donít throw away what we learned."

Two Kliean days later, the head of the Association military force launched a coup and overthrow the democratically elected government. The Honored Kalx promised to go into the dark and anarchy filled space that used to be the Imperium and punish them for all the crimes that the Imperium had committed against all lifeforms. Kelly Willkinson had won in the end after all.......