Arcean Special Forces Intelligence Report
The first time our ship popped out of quantum drive near the Galactic Core, we saw something that looked as if someone had ripped open a gigantic vent in the fabric of space and time and let loose a sea of asteroid-like proto-planets loaded with incredible resources that would make our homeworld's main base grow and produce heavily armed major colonies with which we could conquer new systems and defend them.
Soon after, we realized we were not alone. Other star-going races had found their way to this Eden of resources. None of them were friendly. All of them were willing to fight for these prized resources.
So we became acquainted with the enigmatic Altarians, the mysterious Torians, the mercurial Terrans, the blood thirsty Drengins and the inhuman Yor.
All Arcean interstellar commanders are advised to take extreme caution when entering the Gal Civ universe.
Note there is only one major colony on the homeworld of each system, accompanied by a minor colony on a nearby moon. At the Galactic Core are enough resources to feed the home colony to produce enough heavily armed major colonies to conquer the universe.
A bit of a head start can be obtained by moving the minor colony off the moon, moving the major colony from the home planet to the moon, then feeding the minor colony to the major colony and taking the first colony it makes back to the home planet. Then, the major colony on the moon will make enough colonies to conquer the rest of the home system.
After that, it takes resources to keep the process going.
The Freighter design can be enabled for quantum drive by catching powerups from exploded ships or from the home colony; these powerups can boost the quantum drive capacity of a ship all the way to 10 c and 100,000 mass. It takes many quantum drive powerups to get to that level, but they are worth hunting for.
For defence, the ship can be fitted with one LaserIII if enough room is created by dropping the level of the shield to level 4, and quantum engine to level 1.
(The Colony ship can acquire quantum drive capability by a similar set of design compromises).
Other ships appear to be equipped in 'expert' or 'Stellar Ace' mode. AI ships are especially hard to kill and when in packs they are extremely dangerous to individual commanders. Exercise extreme caution.
Our race's martial character will stand us in good stead in the battles we face in the Gal Civ universe.
Clearly, any races that can forge working alliances against the others will gain advantages.
The home systems of all six races appear to be equidistant from the Galactic Core's vital resources. Therefore no race has a positional advantage, and alliances may be considered with any competing races.
All commanders must understand that the GalCiv universe is a brutal arena where there clearly are no rules. Do not assume you are safe when docked or when spawning; always be on the highest alert. After you have read this EYES ONLY intelligence report, you must destroy the report or it will destroy you.
The Secretary will disavow all knowledge.