.:Known Bugs/Cheats:.
Updated 07/2007

This is a list of known bugs/cheats that have been used by players in Stellar Frontier in the (recent) past, in current game versions. We do not publish how to use these bugs/cheats because we do not wish the game to become a bugging/cheating 'paradise'. We provide this list of bugs/cheats and their characteristics so that players who encounter a player who is doing things that should not be normally possible can recognize that that player may be using a known bug/cheat and report that player's behavior accordingly.

All bugs below (except for #3) are deemed extremely lame by most players, so please do not use them (except for #3) even if you learn how to!

1) User-activated DEV hack allows anyone with the 'activation sequence' to obtain DEV powers in a server.
2) F9 bug/cheat allows rapid and near infinite firing of grenades, mines, BigOnes, or other weapons that normally have limited ammo and/or require a lot of power to fire.
3) Version 1.2 rc5 offers two popular 'bugs': easy 'Q-parking', and ability to resync while in Q space
4) Boost bug allows constant boost-less travel (that won't "run out" of boost power) at very high speeds (in excess of what maximum boost can normally achieve).
5) Similar but less widely-known bugs allow constant power, infinite weapons, etc.
6) A mysterious/unpredictable bug in the game occasionally allows some people to stay cloaked indefinitely.
7) Crew size cheat allows smaller ships to have crew levels in excess of what they normally have.
8) Volume bug/cheat allows ships to be "over-full," i.e. it allows ships to be equipped so that more than 100% of the ship's volume is used.
9) Invulnerability
10) Warp while controls disabled

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