This page remains here for nostalgia's sake; as of 07/2007, none of these newgroups have been active for months or even years. As the home page indicates, the action outside of the game these days takes place in the fleet forums and in StellarForum.

The newsgroups are the places that most of the discussion of SF takes place. Even after a steady dose of SF action, you need to wind down and discuss the day's war atrocities...

Stardock.games.sf - Main group for any topic concerning SF that doesn't fit below.

Stardock.games.sf.bug-reports - Group to report bugs you find in the game.

Stardock.games.sf.feature-requests - Group for users to discuss possible new features in the game.

Stardock.games.sf.fleet-comm - Group for the SF Fleets to conduct business.

Stardock.games.sf.mods - Group for discussion about SF Servers.

Stardock.games.sf.mods.binaries - Group for posting of created Mods.

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