Stellar Frontier Novella

As the last Terran ship exploded Pluto came into view on the forward viewscreen of the flag bridge Acrean Dreadnought. Throughout the bridge their were officers giving the two Acrean in the center the reports throughout the fleet. Admiral Sharp Nife commander of the Fourth Acrean fleet, was looking at the tall enigmatic figure of the fleet political officer, Commissioner Sir Silence, Duke of Veazs located on the Acra. One of the aides of the Duke came rushing in and gave the Acrean a piece of flim paper. "Hmm."

"Yes what is it Your Grace?"

The Political officer responded, "The Terran ambassador has arrived with a proposal of peace, and a pact against the Drengains. Fleet command is stating that we are to finish up the operation and take Pluto and then official declare that we got the message."

The operation that Silence was talking about was the first of many steps to invade the Sol system. The first invasion was hastily planed and after the initial shock the Terrans had thrown out the invaders from both races with several costly battles for all three sides. During the first part of the war several Terran asteroids left the Terran government and decided to declare sovereignty. The Terrans of course declared them pirates and spent a small bloody war taking them out. There was some reports they had repossessed the system of E.Indi. The Drengains had learned the hard way of the Acrean mobile fortress that would block the way of any assault.

"So what has Admiral Cope decided to do about this?" Nife asked.

"He has decided to listen to their arguments and has ordered me back to Home system. I will take the cruiser Hardel to Fleet Command. Tight Claw Beta will take over for me as the PO of the Fleet. I must get going to make my travel arrangements." With this the tall Acrean left his ceremonial cape flying in the wind. After he left the bridge Nife muttered to himself. "That one scary Acrean." Shock his head and got back to work. While the conversation was going on Thousands of Terran Marines and Civilians were slaughter in the streets of New HOPE

"Sir here the latest fleet report from Sector 5. Task Force 54 has been wiped out and Pluto is in Acrean hands now. Sector 12 has reported it got the last Drengain raider, and Venus command is reporting that the Starbase is up and running."

"Thank you Lt. Demeral. Who did Patton invite to the strategy meeting tonight?"

The aide check his console and said "All the fleet leaders and several of the squadron leaders."

They turned at the corridor and went past the 4 marines standing at the door and waited while their id were confirmed then the marine way them passed and they entered the War Room of the TSN. "Ahh greetings Admiral Allen"

"And you to Admiral Patton"

The word was that the aging Commander of the Fleet was going to retire and select his successor. As commander of the HOPE fleet he had the most likely successor for that job but the TRF had its own commander that wanted the job. "We are all here lets be seated gentlemen." said Patton.

"Let me begin and say that in course this war I have never been more proud of you commanders then anybody I have ever know. The rumors are true, I am leaving the several for a variety of personal and health reasons and I set down by the bylaws of the TSN get to pick an officer to take over for me. Gentlemen I give you the new CNC of all Terran forces. Flt. Admiral Allen. Congratulation Allen Tomorrow Allen will give you his strategy on the war. You are all dismissed except for Allen."

With this the group left the War Room and the doors sledded shut. Allen was the first to say "Sir why did you give me the command?"

The old man smiled and said, "Son when you get to be my age you start to see that you will always have a younger counterpart. And I think you be good at the job, you did well on the defense of Mars and the counterstrike at Venus couldn't of been better. You do realize that the situation with the Acreans are very unstable right now. They have that 4th fleet right at our front door and we gotten reports that THE CAPTAIN is now a co-ruler with the military junta that now rules them. The leader is sending one of his best men to deal with us vs the Drengains. You will have to deal with him."

"Sir you now that you jabber alot."

"Why did I think it was time to retire, eh?"

It was unpleasant on the station but KYR was happy. He and his crew of Renegades had just wiped out an small colony that was heading the way to E.Erindia. This was where he put up his forces till they got all the repairs done with his fleet of ships. In the last part of the century the Drengains as a race had to start taking different names, because their families last name got to big to say even in a month so they look for other names, about this time TV signals from Earth came into the T.Ceti system and they were all enthralled with the wrestling channels and they took the names of their favorite wrestlers like Know Your Role did. Of course they also started to shorten their names so there was hardly any consistency at all to their names anymore. "My lord the Smack Down has completed repairs to the port side torpedo mount." said one of the underlings.

"Good I paid alot of money for that mount at Cannae" said the Renegade, "I will use this system to launched an attack on the Jupiter colonies. "Hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHA!" he then started laughing madly then screaming as the distant E.Endirana showed its light at the massive Starbase in orbit around the planet.

"Your Grace, Admirals Cope and THE CAPTAIN will see you now" said the clerk outside the self-proclaimed Duel Leadership of Acrea inner office.

"Thanks Miss DeathGun, you look nice today," said Silence as he entered the office, there was two desk on each side of the room where the co-leaders did their work.

"Ah Silence, nice to see you, and how is the 4th fleet doing?" said Cope

"Well, sir the fleet crushed the Terrans they had no hope at all of withstanding the 2 Dreadnoughts, the biggest unit they had was a older Battleship, which was configured for minelaying."

"Ouch" said THE CAPTAIN.

"Yes and Admiral Nife doesn't like that I was there watching him. I sending a directive to my aid to make sure he doesn't surrender, he seems a little off when I talk about attacking the Terrans, he may be sypatizer."

"Yes well we will get to that in a minute we want you to be our ambassador to Earth and meet with their new leader and see if we can deal with him to wipe out the Drengains."

The political officer responded, "Sir, why me? I am only commissioner of the Internal Security forces"

"Silence we all know that you were the only long term noble in that department that has evaded all the purges and you are also a Duke, and I am sure that you have been taught all the fine art of haggling and you are also replaceable."

Silence muttered to himself, "Well I guess that answers the question"

"You have full authority to make any agreements to get the Terrans to attack T,Ceti."

Then THE CAPTAIN, spoke "You have 4 days to get ready before your ship arrives and remember don't give away Acra while you at it., you are dismissed."

Silence then turned away and left the room.

"Repeat this the TSN Snake Eater, we are under heavy fire from 16 I repeat 16 Renegade ship, Repeat this the TSN Snake Eate..............oh noooooooo.........."

"Ladies and Gentlemen that was the TSN patrol ship for sector 32 outside Saturn. I have ordered all forces in that region to Full alert and thankfully the drone did make it through, their is a Renegade flotilla heading for Saturn with transport and colonies."

"Admiral Allen what are we going to do?" ask the blond hair Marie Venera from the Mars colony guard. The meeting was in the War Room of the StarControl over Earth. This was the third week of his being in charge of the big picture.

"I am sending Taskforce 28 under Commodore Richard Hanson to intercept them."

"Sir doesn't he only have 9 ships under his command?"

"Yes he does but 5 of them are heavy cruisers and two are destroyers and the other are battleships."

"And he doesn't have to worry about troops to protect. The odds are 50/50" chimed in a portly Captain of a Dreadnought.

"Well my worry is that the Saturn moon colonies don't have any weapons other then that Plasma Torp launcher."

"Don't worry If I know Hanson he'll win" said the Admiral of Admirals sincerely.

"Sir we are only getting ten signatures from the Renegade fleet" said Captain Billy Hawk.

"Huh, let me look at that," replied Hanson, he hit a button and the scanner readout appeared on his chair consul. "Your right maybe that others went back to the home base to repair damaged. Looks like they got alot of problems in their q-dive they have left marks over the place."

"I hope so sir"

"Well let speed up and see if we can get the first shot in, lets do plan Baker 5"

"Aye Aye sir"

The Terran fleet shifted its delta formation into several little spears where they would focus on the transports ships. The Renegade had let their perimeter to big a experience navigator could of emerged in the middle of the formation and engage the targets. As the five cruisers sized transports evaded the fire with dismaying ease the escort came swooping in and what happened was complete lost of command and control where ships were dogging fire right and left and spewing out their own fire. 2 Renegade cruiser came in and tried and take out the flag ship, the battleship responded with a burst of plamsa that left one of them a piece of debris and the other was knock back into deep space before it left the range of the lasers on the modified battleship took it out with a well placed shoot right in the middle of the weapon stores. A Terran destroyer was playing cat and mouse with a Renegade battleship and the as the hits keep showing their marks on the destroyer it drop a mine right in front and took it out. The transports managed to get out of the melee and headed for a are of deep space then they stooped. After the battle was all said and done the Terrans had lost 3 cruisers and 1 destroyer and the battleships were damaged form medium to heavy. They battered formation headed to the transports when 6 Dreadnoughts decloak and opened fire with all there batteries. By the time battle was over the scanners where showing another ship slightly larger then a battleships coming there way.

On board the HOPE Vector, Vice-Admiral Tobois Zack was on his command chair. The new ship represented the first of a line of ships that went in-between battleships and dreadnoughts. It was as fast as a light cruiser and had the same profile so they called it the battlecruiser. This was the first one built by the experimental labs on Triton. It was outfitted with brand new weapons. "Sir we are in range of the Renegade fleet."

"Thank Commander," he touched a button on his command console and said into it "Guns are the new g3 up and running yet?"

"Aye sir the g3 battery is up the two g2 battery is fully armed and ready and the new darts missiles will be ready in five minutes and the photon torps are ready to fire at your will sir."

"Thank you Lt. Commander on my mark let loose the g3s and then accelerated and let lose the g2s, then we will close in with the rest of the fleet."

"Aye, aye sir."

The minutes passed and the scanners showed the alien fleet stopped in a position that would make sure if the ship survived one pass it would get shot in the back. Then when they were in extreme range they shot off their racks of g3s. On the scanners the profile was configured that they were shuttles with the white flag broadcast running. As the Renegades shot them with their lasers they blew up in the most eye tearing explosion the human races had ever seen. Two of the three transports were knocked out and a lot of the fleet's shields were down and nothing smaller than a cruiser lived. The Vector sped up and shot off all of its darts at the last transport. The modified cruiser had no chance against the smart weapons and soon blew up. Then it degenerated into a conventional battle as the Vector was in a duel for its life the enemy soon was coming from everywhere and the new they only had on chance to escape. "Guns program the g2s for delayed explosion and bring up the q-drive."

"But sir we won't be able to shoot back and the explosion may kill us."

Another shot hit the bridge. "You have your orders Commander."

A sigh then "Aye aye sir." Then the weapons officer brought up the commands and shot of the last operational g2 and then the entire ship was shaking as the Vector prepared to enter q-drive. Hits were breaching the hull and the main reactor was almost gone and then nothing. The q-drive kicked in and sent them out of q-space into the where they came in when the battle was first going on. "They saw the explosion. Then the scanners went out. Zack said, "Well then commander send out the SOS on secure frenqucies."

"Ambassador shuttle beta zero niner delta you are clear to land in dockingbay 5324-prim-a. Have a nice day, StarControl docking command out."

"Roger that command we are docking inform the Admiral Allen that his Grace is here."


"So Striker do you think they will shot us or capture us when we step foot into the starbase?"

"My old friend you have a strange sense of humor"

"You too Sir Striker"

"Well then shall we proceed" said the Acrean gesturing to the docking bay door at the end of the luxury cabin.

"After you Sir Silence"


They exited out of the shuttle and walk down the ramp, where a group of terran officers where gathered then the big tall one said, "Ahh Ambassador Silence welcome to StarControl. I am Admiral Mark Blue. I will escort you to your cabin and let you and your staff get settled in and tonight there is dinner at 8:40 for you arrival at the main reception hall. Feel free to look around in the green part of the Station."

They where walking down a corridor Blue leading the way and Silence and Striker right behind and the rest of the Acrean honor guard. followed by twice as many terran marines. Blue stop and said "Here's your cabin I am sorry, but will have to put the rest of your honor guard two floors from here though."

Silence replied "That is OK we won't need them on this trip much at all."

Blue smiled and said "I hope so Ambassador. I hope so" Then the door closed, Silence got out a small triangle from his duffel bag and hit the big red button on it and it stop all the spying fields. "Now remember what they said if we think the new admiral going to be danger to us we will blow up this Starbase, but if he can help us wipe out the Drengains we will let them live. Striker how many ships did you count the in the docking bay?"

"9 or 10 Silence, most of them are small training scouts for cadets."

"Perfect" Then he smiled.

"No will not give up Pluto for you we will let you use it to fight the drengains but it is where we where going to launch our offensive into T.Ceti."

"Mr. Ambassador we can easily get the Drengains on our side they would be curious to know all of your battleplans."

"Fine then the last ten days have been a waste of my time. Your species will suffer dearly. Though you seem like a smart Terran you can not understand what the Drengains will do to you. Remember we discovered you first and we only came to the Sol system because Drengains were heading their." Silence look out of the viewpoint and stared at Earth "It be a pity to see that planet wiped out by Drengain Dreadnoughts" or Acrean Dreadnoughts he thought "We will continue this cease fire but no treaty tomorrow I will leave. Good day gentlemen." with that he left the room Allen was the first to say anything "Well what do you think of his threats?"

Blue responded, "He's bluffing and he knows that we know that he's bluffing, why do you think he keep the cease fire in force. No they will be back they did this to save face"

"I think not"

Blue turned and look at Marie Venera and said "why do you think that"

"I look into his graces Terran Intel papers and found a complete blank other then he was working at Internal Security 500 years ago."

"Maybe it's a glitch in the system"

"Or maybe that their version of James Bond that left right now"

"You think they would of thought that the Honor Guard looked sickly." said Striker

:"Yea but how would they now bio droids from real Acreans. Hold on the last one went on line now we got 40 minutes to escaped before the bombs go off."

"It was pretty ingenuous of Cope to put bombs in the Droids."

"It was stupid of them to put the Droids right by their marine barracks and the power core. well good for us."

"Also lucky for us that the docking bay for the scouts are in the green sector and that we been talking to the cadets everyday gives us a good reason to be there"

"Yes let's go"

"After you"

They made their way to the docking bay and started to chat with the cadets, till there were only twenty minutes left on the timer. Silence acted first he pulled out the stunner out of his cloak and knocked out the Cadets then they raced onboard the ship. "Striker I'll get pilots job you run the engines and q-drive OK?"

"Yes, got it"

They raced their separate ways till Silence came upon two marines on duty "Hey you aren't supposed to be -"

Silence pulled out his monomolecular sword and decapitated the first marines and cut the second one in half. He then proceeded to open the door. While the command door was opening he took out his trusty bolt gun "Pizza delivery" the two cadets turned look at him he shot them in the face. He then sat down and proceeded to power up everything, he punched the com channel and said, "Stiker how is everything"

"Silence we got gold here this ship has enough power and shields to make it to Acra and back"

"OK lets pouch our way out of here"

He then powered up the weapons and shot the docking bay door open. The vacuum sucked all of the marines that were midway in the bay and everybody else out into space killing them. He punched the coordinates and hit thrust and the small scout zoomed out of StarControl. "I hereby name this ship, Stick in the Eye, he then put the small triangle on his knee and hit the small little purple button. It sent and omi directional signal through hyperspace telling the droids to go off and the 4th fleet to begin the assault on Mars. Since they where flying the fast the scout could go they missed the shock wave but the interception craft did not lived. When it was over half the station was gone along with 3/5 of the command staff, the 1st fleet and 6th fleet. In the board room Admiral Blue was dragging the wounded Allen out of the piece of the hull that fell on him. He carried him to the medbay full of the sick and wounded. When the doctors said that he would live he gave sigh of relief and went to the temporary command center. There he poured over the damaged and casualties. He look at the names, Anderson, Axell, Axembar, Backer, Baker, Baxter, Bcaer, the list went on and on. This war has caused to many deaths he thought. The images of his son came flying threw his head. NO!. He shook his head and went back to work.

"Lord Eckard, his Highness will see you know" said the imperial guardsmen

Without saying a word, Eckard got up form the bench outside the Imperial room and went in and said, "My lord you have requested me?"

"Yes Eckard my faithful Eckar" a cough chopped the rest of the word off. The sick old Drengain moved up into a half sitting position on the bed and said, "Eckard you know as well I do that when a new Ruler comes he must have the approval of all of the Clans that make up the ruling party. Well I hoped my son would get the seat but he died in the Battle of Mars. No Eckard we need not some family member, this empire needs new blood running it. And that's why Eckard I chose you."

Eckard was shocked, he was a low born commoner. Sure he thought I did great things but I be the first Commoner to run the Empire.

"Well Eckard what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Ahh your highness I am pleased to hear your decision."

"I thought as much. Tomorrow you will rule. I am not expect to last through the night. Now go and don't come back I want your last memory of me to be a strong willed Drengain. Remember 5 days from now you have to interview that mercenary. Good bye faithful Eckard."

Eckard left the room and was startled to see the Imperial Guard outside the door. The leader of them said, "Your Highness, we are your bodyguards, we will take you to the Palace. Please follow us"

"Yes of course" came the reply

And why does it fell that I am marching to my grave the new Emperor of Drenga thought.

"Then we are agreed then"


"Great now we will start to prepare our assault on Pluto." Said Eckard.

"Yes with my ships to augment your firepower there be no Terran or Acrean fleet able to stop us." said the fur clad Terran

"Yes then we will have Mars then Earth."

"Then the rest of Sol will fall into our bloody hands."

"Tell me why do you plot the downfall of your race?"

"Because only a few people understand my will to fight."

"You do realize that with this plan and our force Earth shall fall."

"Yes" said the warrior and then he smiled. Eckard saw this and felt a chill run down his spin. This Lionheart was one dangerous man indeed. But he need those ships to guard the transport fleet while the assault fleet took out the laser batteries"

"Ahh Commissioner Silence you have come back with from your mission. I thought that no one could. Well never mind that we have job for you. Proceed to the 4th fleet and take command. Nife is to be captured. Not killed. We need to get the information of all the traitors out of him. Then bring the fleet up to combat status and attack Mars. This is all then come back after you secured Mars. That all for now. Cope out"

"Hmm that's a message you don't see everyday Striker"

"No you don't but then you don't run from a Terran battlegroup for days after almost killing their leader. Either"


"Well then set course to Pluto"

"Aye Aye Captain:"

"You have your orders Zack"

"Yes Blue I do the fleet will be ready in a couple of days. We need to finish upgrading the missiles to the g series."

"Yea sorry it would of been done if we weren't mission half of old sc here."

"Don't worry the new shipyard over Mercury is working like a charm."

"Nice to here Zack and rember to be careful"

"Yea boss I'm sending a scout over to the target now."

"Thats good and before I leave you, Flt Admiral Allen said Good job taking out those Renegades"

"That was no problem well Zack out"

Zack then turned and look out the viewpoint and saw the small scout lift off and q-drived to the small planet of Pluto."

He then said to no one at all "Just a couple of days then we will take back Pluto, and with Nife in command it should be bloodless":

End of Part I

The Battle of Pluto and a Victory for the People

"So Admiral Nife do you like your new room?" came the voice from the darkness.

"At least I will die an Acrean and not some scum like you Silence" came the snarled reply.

"Well if you say so, I must say all those metal objects on your body will tell me all the information I need to know, Lets start who are with you in giving information to the Terrans"

"Nile, 34883, Admiral"

"Spare me your dramatics, fine you will make me push the button will you? Well fine by me." Silence then pushed the button and pain had a new meeting to Nife"

"So a couple of hours later he then screamed I'll tell I'll tell. So I had him and all the other traitors lined up and shot them out the airlock."

"Sir? Why are you telling me this?"

"Because Admiral I want you to know what happens to traitors"

Admiral Vena Slicer blanched and said "Well sir I wish to go back to Courage at Bladomre" he said meaning the flagship of the red squadron"

"Granted Admiral"

"Sir the Terran fleet has come out of Q-space!"

"Good get in position and order backer squadron to fire supperbombs and remote detonate when the Terran fleet hits Position Charlie."

"Aye Aye sir"

"I really like this ship better then the old flagship Silence"

"Yes Striker me too"

What they were talking about was the Dreadnought, it was slow but its stingers and lasers could cut apart a small flotilla of ships. Silence hoped it was enough for the Terrans had brought along a solid core of those bloody Battlecruisers. It was going to be a close fight, but they had a the lasers of the planetary defense guns with them.

"Admiral Zack we are at maxim range of the g3s"

"Good lets fire off the racks let bleed those Acreans"

"Aye aye sir"

"Tell backer to fire now!"

"Aye aye sir:"

"What!" Zack yelled as the front end of the fleet lost 5 ships and 2 others damaged.

"OK that guy snickered me but that won't happened again, to all units fire at will repeat fire at will!!"

What happened was the most savage fighting since the Battle of Mars.

The Acrean numerical advantage was offset by the Terranss new super weapons.

Ships twisted and turned to evade fire while the guns ports shoot back.

On board the Dreadnought the mighty ships guns fired again and again hitting the older ships.

Then 3 Battlecruisers came in swooping from the main battle with their Proton Torpedoes and their remaining g2s"

The lasers took out the g2 causing a blast that wiped out the 2 Battlecruisers and the 3 rammed the massive Dreadnought. The shockwave took out the Terran ship but the Dreadnought still remained.

"OK this is silly now order evacuation notices all units retreat repeat all units got out off here" yelled Silence.

"The Acreans are running away sir" came the joyful yell of the sensor tech.

Cheers broke out through the bridge as the Terran celebrate a battle well won.

Hours later as Pluto ground forces fell and the Terran flag flew again over the planet the same sensor Tech look at his scanner and notice a armada of Ships over a hundred of them.

He said to his superior, "Sir inform Admiral Zack that their a Drengain invasion force coming this way"

"So what have you heard about the KOA?" said the man called the CAPTAIN.

"I have my spies looking into it sir" said Duke of Gaxcea, U2 Killa.

"You know your fellow director of Internal Security is heading back home."

"Yes apparently the Terrans where a bit much for him. Well no matter the Drengains look like they will take over Mars again."


"Well I am deeply sorry but I got a another meeting to got to sir"

"Be on your way"

U2 left the meeting room and then proceed to leave the Palace.

He thought Silence come home quickly the rest of KOA wants to start Operation Executor and I need your help.

"Sorry me your Grace but we are making planetfall soon" said the painfully young cadet.

"OK I will sit down then"

"Thank you your Grace"

Silence look at the reports from U2. Cope was getting old and forgetting things and the CAPTAIN delegated all the Important business and that led to infighting among the different part of the Government. Well we will see about that, he thought.

"OK Gentlemen, here is the plan. Striker will take the Fleet HQ, U2 will take the Administration building, and I will take the Palace. All soldiers report to their officers for info on their own missions. Dismissed" Said Silence.

"Hail KOA" came a voice from the crowd of soldiers at the end of the Cave.

"HAIL" came the multitude of voices

"Yes Hail indeed" said U2. "Indeed"

End of Part II

"Repeat I repeat, this is staff sergeant, Danger Laguher. We are leading the assault on the Administration building and we need artillery fire on those rapids guns on the outer security fence.:"

"This is Tango command we don't have any artillery to spare but we do have a Mad Bomber class bomber squadron ready to launch. I'll send them out to take care of those rapids."

"Thank you sir"

Laguher peek above the ditch that the orbital bombardment fire made and look at the hypervelocity guns or the rapids. Rapids 1s were only good in space for killing small raiders ships but they could take out a division of infantry in a minute. But they were exespisve to use on the planet so they were only used at secure military installations. Langer heard a boom and saw the fading trails of the bomber squadron and saw the burring buildings that housed the rapid 1s. He turned at look at his troops and said "OK Acreans, time to earn our pay, no more hiding the trenches. You all rember your briefing lets try and not take any losses today."

With that he got his weapon and ran up the trench and start firing at the AU reinforcements. After a brief fire fight with them only taking minor wounds they took the outer secuarty zone. Then the world flip upside down as the AU stinger tanks. Came out of garage and shot at them. The last thing he thought before the darkness took him was I hope things are going better at the palace. Then Darkness.

"Sir the guns stop working your Grace"

"They must of put up the defensive shields. This is why I told you make sure your men brought their Mono-swords."

"Yes Your Grace."

"Well its time to fight" Silence then yelled. "Acreans follow ME to glory!!"

"Hail KOA came the reply."

With that, Silence kick open the Outer Palace door and charged the AU elite guard. The fighting was close quarters. The wounded did not stay alive long since they were trampled on. Silence was fighting a Human captain, who used the mono-sword with grace that bespoke years of practice. After they fought themselves to a standstill, with the only remaining people being of the KOA shock troopers. The captain put his hands on the his head and surrender. Silence then said, "You fought with skill and a dignity. I will let you live and you can collect your crew and ship out by no latter tomorrow. " Silence jerk his head to the exit "Now go before I change my mind"

"Thank Your Grace" with that the Human Captain left.

"Come on Acreans, its time to assault the inner palace."

"We are with you your Grace"

"Good then"

"Bring the ram up and lets knock down this door."

"Aye Aye sir"

Colonel Jead zueTomea, commander of the 15th Hovertank regiment, was leading his troops in battle against the rebels of KOA. He said on the intercom, "Come on men its time for us to assault their HQ."

"Sir are you crazy that the Fleet HQ building they are using."

"Yes I know it be a shock to them"

"As you wish sir"

"Good I'll lead the charge."

The Administration building was across the town from the Naval HQ. So itwould be a good two hours of travel to get their with no traffic at all. But as the 15th Armor rolled around Main Street. The tanks around him blew up as the orbital bombardment began. And the last thing he saw was a infantry officer in KOA cameos firing a rocket at him

"That showed that armor moron." Laguher said to himself as he took out the tank that shot up his command. He said to the com link "Fleet you can stop bombarding the street all the tanks are gone. Thanks for the fire support"

"No problem. We took out the AU ships in the first minute so we are all bored up here. We are in station keeping above the city well keep watch for any more AU tanks

"So we meet again Silence"

"I must remove you from you set of power. Give up now and you won't be harmed."

"Yes sort of like you won't harm my family."

"How would I know that they were shopping on Main Street."

The reports of the massive bombardment had came through to both sides. With that most of the AU surrender then have the mighty warships guns turn on them. While they were bombarding, most of the CAPTAINS men including the renegade Human himself escaped to Q-space.

"I shall see you in Hell for this Silence, or Silente uie Acrea."

"So you found out about my history"

"Yes you were called the Red Duke in your time for making the Drengain army blood flow like a river when they invaded."

"That was 2000 years ago. I rember that day well"

"Yes you got revenge for them blowing up your Estate, that killed your wife and children, You then started KOA with the rest of the vengeful Dukes."

"Yes, I killed billion alone, I pillaged the T.Ceti system to it was only my ship left. Then we rebuilt, and now we are fighting again. This war will not end till we get competent leadership. I thought that I should leave the people their leaders. But with each leader it got worse and worse, till I gave the go a head orders."

"That doesn't matter at all, we have a duel to fight, the People's choose or the Red Duke to lead"

"So be it"

They circled each other looking for a weak spot in their posture and then it was Cope who was on Silence. Then Silence launched another attack and the battle went on and on for hours. Till when they got close again, Silence moved his elbow and a small dart fly out and hit Cope in the Juglar vein. Cope look confused and then collapsed and died

"Silence, our you OK, I got oaths of fealty from all the captains of the fleet. And most of the Army to Silence, we won, now what do we do"

"Well set up the Duel-Empire and then...."

"Then what?"

"Tell the Terrans we wish them no more war and order all the raiders in Sol to leave. We need all the units here to start colonizing. Systems that have no Races in them. We must or Acrea will surely face be outnumber either by the Drengains or the Terrans."

U2 was silent, then Silence said, "We must bring out the Victory out of Statis, U2 you will go to Mars and help the Terrans take back that planet. To show them our good faith."

"If we do not our mobile forts will not be able to withstand the combine might of Sol and T.Ceti resources especially if the Drengains have them I fear for Acrea itself."

He then turned at look at the ruined city. And the fires lit up the sky like a massive funeral pyre.

End of Part III

"I shall return" came the voice of Admiral Debig 3 the new head commander of Terran forces. The screen shifted and then it showed the Anchor and the military guest, Retired Commodore Nader. "So Commodore Nader, what will happen now"

"What will happen is that the with most of the Drengain force split in between Venus and keeping Mars, we will use the help from the Acreans and launch a pincer attack on them is my guess."

"Well Ladies and Gentlemen, The TSN has cleared the following footage from the censor officer and we will now show it to you, this footage was compiled form a variety of different sources and put together thanks to CGN News. This is pretty graphic so viewer discretion is advised."

Then screen shifted and on it was Mars and the ODCs orbitng the red planet then it showed the Starbase Harvard coming into view. Then next shot was of the Mercaries lead by the enigmatic Lionheart. Then the Drengain armada. The ODC shoot first all the same time as a lances of coherent lasers slammed into the formation.

A ship drifted, its hull on fire, a plasma burst knock out a dreadnoughts shields. Then Drengain armada replied. And space was literally on fire. The Starbase Harvard came into range. Its massive laser gun, was hungrily searching for a target, then it fired and the ships literally burned away from the massive energy bolt. Then the Drengain armada launched their missiles. Not even all the point defensive could take them out and most of the ODC were reduced to slag.

Then it was the Harvard's turn to take the bombardment. It didn't last long, and nobody who watched the recording could forget the sight of the Harvard blowing up, Mars last defender. Then the armada began to shoot the planetary shield down.

Right when it went down, the transports came to Mars like moths to the light. Vicious dogfights ensued as the strato forces of the Planetary Guard battled the transports defenders. When the first beachheads were made the Hovertanks launched into action. Plasma bolt were every where on the Hell known as Mars. Rapids guns killing files of infantry, Hover tanks getting burned by the missiles from the armada.

Then as the last Terran Guard unit died, the doors open on several of the transports on the Port city of Clark. All of Mars looked on in horror as they saw the Conquers units.

Slavers by any other names, they wore the black of Drengain shock troopers and they started marching hitting people with their stun rays and putting the slaves collars on them.

Then the carmera shifted to one of the remains sats in orbit and it showed the massive fireball as the underground blew up the city then have it reduce to slavehood.

"My god"

All across Earth, men and women joined the TSN after seeing that video so that the same fate would not happen again. Then the anchor started breaking down and crying and then the screen went black. Then the show came back with a different anchor. She said, "I hope the children of tomorrow remeber the sacrifices of today"

Old Commodore Nader look at her and said "I hope the children live long enough to care"

"Maria are you sure that you want to get married to me?" asked Nate.

"Yes Nate, silly man, if you think that I don't know how much you care for me you must be denser then I thought. What man would take out an entire company of Slavers to free me." As she said that she touched her neck where the marks of the collar still remained.

"Well it's good this old mine is here, how did you find out about this"

"From my Grandpa he said it was built during the Bardbury rebellion of 2045, it was made to a secure neutral party refugee. They spent years working on the front door to make it so that only people who knew about could fine it."

"Yea they did a good job I didn't even see what you touched to open it."

"The space suits we left at the airlock must of threw them of track though."

"Yep. After Mars is retaken we will get married on Earth"

"But first we need to stay alive long enough"

Maria look at the computer in front of the living room part of the complex and saw the yellow light flashing She hit the button and it showed a giant ship attacking the Drengains.

"What is that Nate?"

"I don't know but it is pounding the hell out of them"

"I hope its one of ours"

"I have a feeling that is not the case at all"

"Sir the last transport ship is gone sir"

"Good now lets take the main armada"

"Aye Aye"

U2 thought it was a dangerous move attacking the armada but TRF and TSN were all at Venus and couldn't deal with the Armada here.

"One ship vs. 53, good odds for this old girl" said the XO.

"Yep lets show them what it means to be in front of a particle cannon.

"With pleasure sir"

The space in front of the old dreadnought lit up as the main cannon charged up. The ship was built during the first great war by head lab tech Howas Maker. No one had figured out how to duplicate the PC beam yet, but they were pretty close. The ship was named by the first captain of it Silence, he called it the Victory, he put in statis as the war ended with that ship being the only reminder other then KOA of that great era.

"Cannon charged sir"


The blast hit the middle of the Drengain armada and they lost more ships in that blast then in any battle before. U2 smiled and thought 28 vs. one ship, even better odds.

"Lets close with them and blow those Drengians out of the sky."

The Victory moved closer and they started to battle, they battled for hours as the mighty ships guns let loose barrages of plasma. Then for the first time the Drengains turned around and ran. Leaving the battered but still potent ship in orbit around Mars. They targeted all the Drengain life forms on the planet and using presion lasers of the forgotten era, killed them all. Then left home only stooping at Pluto to use the main gun to wipe out the Drengain base there.

A day later, the TRF flagship landed back on Mars and Debig 3 came out and formally liberated the planet saying the words that lived forever in history of Mars "I have come back and you are free again"

End of Part IV

"Captain Buckly, we got the OK from landing control to land." said the com tech.

"OK Its been a while since we landed on Freedom's Hope so lets take it easy."

"Ya the are thinking we are traitors to humanity." said a voice in the background.

"No they know that Reiner, ask THE CAPTAIN to go and get allies."

"Ya but they didn't think we would join the Acrean Fleet" Buckly realized that the voice came from his XO.

Buckly replied, "Thats why I want everybody to be on top of our game when we land"

"Sir its my job to act more paranoid then you." said the XO.

"Well keep acting that way I'll send you to New Moscow where they make paranoia a art."

"Sir!!! A TRF Dreadnought just came out of Q, right above us"

"Thank god that the Cloak was still on, move away slowly from the colony. If they make any moves drop the cloak and fire."

That would be a risky move, the heavily modified Pirate Cruiser could take on a battleship, there was no cruiser ever made that could fight a dreadnought in a traditional battle. Buckly thought, that was the end for New Hope, their was no way their plasma launcher could take that behemoth out.

"Sir the Dreadnought is sending out a com signal to all the Pirate ships and colonies."

"This is Admiral Baxton, this is an illegal colony please surrender and be put under arrest or we will open fire."

"This is Horace Hussin-Reiner, Colony director, this colony was settled in the first great Wave, I know that IBM wants a plant here but this is our space"

"You are in violation of IBM company space they bought this land from the Government."


"Calm down sir, that doesn't matter my orders are to..." the signal was cut short as 50 ships came out of cloak, most of them were reconfigured merchant ships, but their was a couple of Cruisers and a Battleship. Then the Colony fired its Laser 3 it scavenged off a supply run to Triton. The TRF dreadnought shook as the lander crafts landed on it.

In two hours the massive ship was captured and commissioned as the new flagship of the Outworlds Confederation.

"Well Buckly, you seem to be doing well, despite of the CAPTAINs failure"

"Well it wasn't a complete failure, the Acreans no longer are any threat to Earth. Tell me Horace do you think this Confederation will work."

"OC must work or the Homeworld will walk all over us. With them losing ships each time they send a patrol in, has them asking for a cease-fire, and I as the new President am sending you to Earth to get us our freedom. But first you will go to the wedding of Admiral Allen, and see if you can get some support from the old underground movement on Mars" He was speaking about the new government, that was allowed certain freedoms that any nation on Earth got, and the right to pull out if desired.

"I will do that, you know I meet the new leaders of Acrea, I fought one in a sword duel and he let me live."

"Hmm maybe after the wedding you could get try to get the Acreans again."

"Tell Commodore Hanson do all Terrans fear the Renegades.?" cam the voice from the blackness.

"No we spit at the sound of that word, pirate!!" came the reply.

"Then let us get started of making all the Terrans fear us. Little Johnny here will run the pain amplifier all night long for us and you will tell us want we need to know."

Hanson screamed as wave after wave of pain washed over him. In the booth outside his room Commander Kill was looking at the latest reports as KYR played with the Terran.

"Commander, with your fleet you brought back from raiding and what's left of mine, we can take out the lab base on Triton,"

"What are you insane, wait don't answer that, that one of the most heavily defended bases in Sol."

"Yes, but with them gearing up to invade T.Ceti they must have taken alot of the ships for their fleet.:

"You forget the TRF, they patrol that area."

"They are involved in a full scale war with their Colonials."

"I will have to think about it."

Eckard was alone on the Ruby Throne, when he felt the change happening, the special material gives anybody who sits on it for a while gets a dramatic increase in IQ, and makes him able to see wherever the ruby spheres are, all ships in the fleet had one ruby, hooked up to the computer, so Eckard could give orders, lightyears away. But it came with a price....

"Congrats on your win Mr. President, Hi I am Bob Brinker, GCN, what is your plan to deal with this new confederation in the belts."

"I will see if their can be a peaceful way to end that little hotspot, the belters are feeling like they have no voice back here on Earth, that been true to some degree. I will deal with leget Groups but I will never deal with Pirates at all."

"Mr. President, will you be at the Allen wedding?"

"Yes Me and Admiral Allen have been friends for the longest time. Yes you over there"

"Mr. President who will you pick to be the new CINC, will you keep Allen or will you pick somebody else like Admiral 3"

"Admiral 3 is a good officer and a fine man but he runs the TRF they deal with the pirates and defensives forces, we need an officer from the TSN."

"Sir can you give us the latest reports on repairs on StarControl?

"Yes they will be done within an month. That is all the time I have I must get going now"

With that President Patton left the press room of the White House.

End of Part V

"Professor, We are reading the same q-space anomaly as at the battle scene," came from LT. Sherman the officer in charge of senors. The Professor, put his coffee mug down on the command and console and said, "Red Alert, drop us out of Q-space,"

"Aye Aye, Sir"

The Dreadnought dropped out and the scanners went alive searching the area.

"Sir we are in the middle of a planetary system. And the 5th planets looks like their Sentient life, limited space capability,"

"OK, lets head the to planet and declare ourselves." that was what the protocol called for by the people who wrote the mission bylaws.

"Sir! TITAN just jumped in over the planet."

"On Screen"

The massive hulk appeared over the screen, and Obliterator look on in horror as a beam hit the planet, then came the planet dewellers futile nuclear weapons, they didn't dent the hulk at all, then massive claws, came out and started tearing the planet apart.

"Sir their massive nanobots, tearing that planet."

Dawning came over the old man head, the path the Hulk chose to take would take it right threw Sol.

"Nav get us out of here now!!"

"Aye aye sir back to Earth?"

"Yes no more stopping, we need to warn the others."

We have a bio crewed ship in the Area, 90% match that it was the ship that saw the battle between the protector and us. said the scanner comp.

Send out 5 class 904324 drones, they will kill the bio ship before they warn the others. said central comp.

End of Part VI

"What the heck!"

"We dropped out of q-space"

"Sir 5 cruiser sized drones just came out of q and they are charging up weapons."

"Open Fire!!!"

This is Drone leader 59025a5093d to all ships, we are to kill the bio-ship.

This is Drone 49024, we obey

This is Drone 32502, we obey

This is Drone 32013, we obey

This is Drone xxxx, ..... we obey

On board the xxxx the central comp was thinking. Does comp central know that I am a implant bye the protectors, and do I gave anything, bye helping out these bio-ships.

It ran different screniaos and it came up with one answer YES

"Sir if we take any more pounding the shields will collapse."

"Sir, this is gunnery these old weapons couldn't fight pirates and we can't hit them at all with these mass drivers."

"Oh my God, sir the 5th drone just took out all of them."

The professor look at the readout on the screen that came overpowering everything else

This is Drone xxxx, I am placing my self under your command, we obey.

"Hurry up Bandit, we are going to be late for our own, ship commissioning."

"I am coming Chaos."

"Pool already there"

"I said I was coming"

Chaos enter Bandit's room, he saw Bandit putting on the Captains hat. Bandit turned around and said, "OK lets hit the road."

The three of them were living in the same dorm, they known each other since, childhood, when the police finally retook most of Sidney back from the gangs, they were 14, they all together took military aptitude tests to get out of slums of there birthplace, and now they were finished with advance officer training and they were going to get their own ships.

"I heard the Admiral Zack will be giving the speech today" said Chaos as they walk down the hall.

"Ya really, I thought that he was going to T.Ceti."

"Well he here to pick up a squadron of ships for rearguard."

"I hope we will make it into the HOPE fleet"

"I heard that old Blue got command of EDF" The Earth Defense Force.

"Well here we are."


They were now in the Training Bay, on StarControl. They made their way to their sets, Poolshark was already there, he was talking to some fellow classmates. Then Admiral Zacks personal Hover Limo, came up to the stage, He got out and got on the stage and said into the mike, "My fellow Terrans, you have went through 12 months of pure hell so that the TSN can train you for the duties of being a starship captain. Now for the first time in the war we can take the battle to the enemy, all of your ships, will be included in this vast armada, with the Acreans out of the way, we can now head to T.Ceti. Arise now Captains.

The crowd did and they threw their hats in the air. Chaos thought it is going to be a very good day indeed.

"More Uialde, with that your Majesty?" came the servant.

"No I had enough for tonight, tell Mkakeaz that he outdid himself tonight."

"Yes your Majesty."

It was quiet in the Emperor's room, Alpha one had just set and it look like it was going to be a beautiful night. To bad I am stuck in here reading reports, he thought. The fleet was able to not take many losses, but with the weakened state, there could be no more invasions, for a year. But on the bright side he thought, within six months the Rigel and Proycon, will have the first Acrean colony. It was a loss now but he suspect within 4 years they will be supporting most of the fleet shipbuilding. But the home system will be where the army is though. Most of the army was wiped out by the fleet, for they were AU loyalist, now he had to use the limited fleet marines to keep the peace on a certain worlds. Well at least the other races are off my back.

"Its is confirmed my lord, the ships can be active in a month."

"How many all together?"

"Twenty my lord"

"Good the ancients new a thing about shipbuilding I guess."

"It would look that way"

"They will be the perfect welcoming reception for Admiral Zack."

"Yes my lord, who would of thought that the Ancients would use a slave world to store the Beta-class ships."

"I did, that is why I had all of you check every world." With that the prime Minster image left Eckards mind, "Yes the perfect reception indeed." The good, the bad, I am the guy with the gun-Ash

"This is the TRF Taft we are taking heavy fire from the rebel fleet, We need backup now!"

"Taft, this is Fleet Command we need to know how many ships are attacking you?"

"Over 50 destroyers and around the same number of scouts class ships."

"Roger that, Taskforce 23, is on its way, they have 4 Dreadnoughts, 5 Battleships, 12 cruisers and 24 tin cans. ETA 2:54"

"We can maybe last out 2:00's"

"Well the task force is moving now"

"Who is in command"

"Admiral Debig 3 himself"

"That's goo....." An explosion took out the com link.

ETA 2:30

"Bring us out of cloak"

"Aye Aye Sir"

The Liberty dropped cloak and opened fire on the hapless TRF battleship. Most of the Outworlds navy were small converted merchants ships, with jury-rigged weapons, but they had numbers and the Liberty was a captured Dreadnought. Its massive gun turrets track the wildly evading battleship and hammered away at the shields. The guns on the Taft returned fire. But the new shield generators on the Liberty shrugged away the broadside and fired again and again. The Taft was crippled and as the Outworlds marines try to land on it, its exploded in a eye tearing fireball, killing the lander craft.

ETA 2:00

Admiral Debig 3 was in his room at his com station, "Admiral Allen I am sorry that I couldn't be there for your wedding."

"That is OK 3 you are needed and I understand your duty"

"I heard that an ambassador from the rebels will be there"

"Yes it was politically prudent to do that"

"Well keep him away from you"


"I know how these people act, most of the belt was settled by all the crazies from the US, they wouldn't care about themselves dying if they took out a leader in the process."

"I will keep that in mind"

"Tell Maria hi for me"

"Ok Debig see ya when you get back"

"Roger out"

ETA 0:56

"So how are you Buckly?"

"Fine Horacae and you?"

"Doing OK we just killed another TRF ships attacking the Believers colonies."

"Why would anyone want to attack the Believers. The don't fight and theygive aid to everyone."

"Yes they have the finest hospitals in the belt and during the war if our harder for us."

"That is cold blooded."

"Its the way war is fought now. By the way we are tracking Admiral 3's persnal taskforce."

"I seen less ships in fleet actions then his taskforce, are you going to engage him?"


"During the days when Mars was agitating for nationhood, they put bombs on most of the TRF fleet that was station on Mars, and we have a ex-Martian here that can denote the bombs and crippled that fleet."

"My god you could increase the firepower of the entire navy by 20%"

"Thats what we are going to do"

"Roger out" Buckly turned of the special Bell transmitter and look out the ambassador ship's window and look at the great starport of the StarControl, and smiled

"Anything?" said the head of Fleet Intel.

"No they must of gotten one of those new Bell transmitters." said his aide

"What are they?"

"They split a particle in two and after that if u spin one the other spins instantly and there no lightspeed barriers."


ETA 0:00

"Sir there is nobody here!"

"What not even junk form a space battle"

"So no one"

"Wait a second look back at Sun is it still there?"

The sensor tech look sort of scared when he said "no the sun isn't there at all"

"Oh crap massive cloak] fields, order throughout out the fleet get us out of here, what the heck" 3 said as power went out throughout the ship. The bridge went black then on again as the aux plants went on giving only enough power for life support and lights.

"Sir the fleet reports there is no power at all. And they an explosion took out the self anhilation devieces"

"Commander Tubore reports 3 days before the engine can be repaired"

"Sir look at the forward viewscreen!"

"What!!" he turned around and saw over 60 ships most of the small floating surrounding the taskforce.

"Com signal coming in"

"Put it up on speakers"

"This is the commander of the Outworlds Confederation Fleet, I am Admiral Joe Hethorw."

"This is the commander of the TRF"

"Admiral we ask that you surrender" as Hethorw said that most of the Outworlds ships started to tractor in the TRF ships, and on the hulls on the rebel ships he saw marines with guns, lots of guns.

"Admiral Hethorw, I surrender"

End of Part VII

"Ahh Admiral Allen you look dashing in that tux" said Ms. Patton.

"And you look very beautiful in that gown, Ms Patton." Nathan look around and didn't see her husband, "Where the President at?"

Her face darkened and said "He got called of at the last minute, something about those belters"


The reception line went on and Nathan came to face the Baron Striker the ambassador from Acrea.

"Ahh we meet again, Admiral Allen, I bring this nklad from the Imperial Palace itself, this is the finest Liquor in the entire galaxy."

Nathan wanted to yell at the Acrean, you killed 12 cadets and over 3000 people on your attack on SC, and you have the gall to give me liquor from the your imperial palace. But he said, "Thank you, Baron."

The line went on again and he came to face with Blue. "Hey Blue, how are you liking being in charge of the EDF,"

"Honestly Nate, I don't know how you deal with all this crap, right now there are 90 reports that just got piled on my desk for me to read"

Nathan laughed, "Yes if they Aliens don't get you the paperwork does,"

"Well my only consolation is that you have to do even more after your honeymoon is over."

"Do you have any of this Russian Rocketjuice I keep hearing about" asked Striker?

"What are you crazy only that stuff is what I give grooms when they bride has last minute doubts and leave, it will knock out a horse."

"Very well, I want 3 of them"

"OK its your deathbed" said the bartender. The wedding wouldn't start for anther couple of hours so they were all in the reception room and Striker was at the bar. The bartender hit the machine and 3 glasses of the Crazy Russian Rocket Juice from the Port Tsyvelkery colony came out. Striker then proceeded to drink the first on all down, then the second one, then the third.

"My god I seen marines pass out on the second one but you aren't even effected at all."

"Hmm your liquor is weak"

"4 glasses of that can kill an elephant."

"give me 43 more please."


End of Part VIII

In the dark White House briefing room Patton sat at the head of the table with his advisors

"So its confirmed then?" he ask.

"Yes we don't have the time yet but soon after Admiral Debig, entered the area, the entire taskforce was lost." said Admiral Pozlero, head of Flt. Intel.

"That increases the Rebels fighting force by at least 20%" chirped in an aide.

Then a messenger came running the room. "Mr. President, Triton has joined the Rebels."


"Yes they have control over the shipyards, the labs, and all 11 new BCs."

"Also the Renegades tried and attack them, most of their fleet was cut to shreds."

"I must address the Nation after the wedding tonight. We are going to do plan Orange 5"

Lt. Chirs the aide to Admiral Allen, was having a bad day, after the reception was over and the guest, headed to the church room, he was left to put away all the gifts, with a sizable army of Cadets. Well somebody lost the cask of nklad and they say its priced in the millions. He grabbed the cadet that was nearest to him and screamed "Find that cask or god help me I will have to ask the Baron for more, and rember what happened last time he came in contact with Cadets, he cut them to shreds. NOW GO AND FIND THAT STUPID CASK!!!!"

The cadet looked worry and said "uhhhhh.. Yeessss Siiiirrr."

What Chirs didn't now was that Benjam Lopez, son of the Governor Bernardo Lopex, Governor of Luna, had took the flask out of the pile of gifts and poured it in the punch bowl. Nklad is famous in Acrea for its high buzz it gives them and very dangerous for a new drinker to start. But luckily the punch lowered the liquor rating so it would not kill a person in a drink.

"And do you Nathan take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to keep for the rest of your life?"


"And do you Maria take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to keep for the rest of your life"


"By the power invested by me of the Great Unified Church and TSN, I hereby declare you husband and wife. Let me be the first to great you Mr. and Ms. Allen.

After the wedding there was a reception, and the first thing that happened that the bride and groom danced, while most of the crowed got the punch, they didn't drink it to the toast. After they all sat down on the Tables, Admiral Blue got up and said "I would like to make a toast, May their lives be long an happy together."

A cry of here here, was heard and when everybody drank the punch, half of them went down, knock out, the others were babbling drunks. Nathan dropped his head in the cake, while his bride, got in a fight with the Ms. Patton, both of them clawing each other. The only person that remained unaffected was Striker, he sniffed the punch and got up form that mass of drunken and sleeping Terrans and went out the hallway and grabbed the hapless Chirs.

"Lt. did somebody spike the punch or is this how all Terran ceremonies go?"

"What, Oh my God," Chirs went into the room and saw, the mess, and said into he personal comlink. "Chirs here, we need medivac teams now, and bring the stomach pumps.

The Bride and Groom spent their first night together in the StarControl EM bay.

End of Part IX

Transmission of Data

Re: Log files

To: Fleet Command

From: Admiral Zack commander of HOPE fleet

From the personal log of Admiral Zack

Today we left high anchor over Mars and started our long trek to T.Ceti. The first plan called for 400 ships, half of the new battlecuriser to engage the Drengain fleet. But now with the war heating up on the belt, we had to divert half of the ships. On a personal note I hope my fianc‚e back on Triton is OK, we heard the news that the lab defected to the Rebels

Today we passed Pluto and entered deepspace. On they way past Pluto, I could still see the hulk that was my old flagship. The entire HOPE fleet with me will fight so that none of Sol's planets will ever see battle again. I sent a squadron of cruiser ahead to scout around. Most of my fleet are barley adults, they had never seen battle at all. I hope they won't crack when I need them.

We hit a minefield today, we lost 1 transport. We spent the entire day going through it one at a time. Also I got word that Mercury had fallen to the Outworlds. I am starting to run more and more drills. I saw the last results and the fleet was sloppy. Well its been a long day.

It's been 6 months since we left anchor above Mars. The course we are taking is to avoid detection by Drengin scouts. Our target is the Imperial World. It is one of the closest planets to Sol. The drills are working by the way. 50% increase.

Tomorrow we will begin the greatest battle ever thought since the landing of Normandy. The fleet is all prepared. I sent away the giant cloak ships that had us protected from long-range scanners. Its funny to see the Drengs try to bring up their fleet to protect their homeworld

Live video feed

"Admiral Zack the missiles ships took out that starbase before it can get in range."

"Good order the Transports to begin the assault."

"Aye Aye sir"

"Sir 12 tin cans coming from planet beta."

"Order the YG and RAM squadrons to take them"

"Aye aye"

"Sir massive q-drive sigs 20 of them"


Transmission interrupted........

"My god captain did u see that?"

"That was the flagship!!"

"Sir incoming missiles from that giant ship."

"Evasive manvouers:"

"Aye aye"

Chaos thought this was a heck of a way to end his life. Everything was going well to those behemoths came in. They cut the fleet to shreds. 50 of the Terrans ships were killed by the q-drive wave. He braced himself for impact. The missiles hit his ship once but the 5 others of the squadron didn't make it. But his friends Pool, Bandit did."

"Sir incoming com from Cap. Bandit." said the com officer

"Bandit what is it?"

"We need to get out of here"

"Yes we should head back to Earth"

"Rember the minefield we through?"

"Yes, we should meet up there"

"Yes we will meet there, I'll tell Pool but qdrive out now"

"We are powering up the q-drive as we speak"

"God Speed"

"My lord everything has gone to plan"

"Yes, we could end the terran threat now but the Torrians under that trouble maker Ratakosk threatening our rear."

"Sir if u give me half of the new ships, and a half of the Imperial Fleet I will bring you the head of Patton"

"Hmm let me think on it, your are dismissed Admiral Pera"

"Of course my lord"

The doors to the prison cage opened up and a knockout Drengain was thrown in.

Admiral DEbig 3 thought oh great, now I am stuck with a Renegade. Well there goes my escape chance. Most of the Drengings don't understand basic.

Know Your Role woke up to a headache. Last thing he remembered was attacking the Triton base, they were on the surface fighting it out with the Terran Marines. When a another group of Terrans in different uniforms landed and started to lay down heavy fire, taking most of the other terrans and the Renegades with them. He tried to move his leg and received a burst of pain. He look and saw that there was a rapid one wound that was poorly healed on his left leg. He look around the room and saw a Terran. He thought he had seen this terran before but he didn't now where. Then the door open and a severing bot came in with both Terran and Drengain food. "Here you go Admiral 3" Admiral DEbig 3!!! That was who it was, the man in charge of defending Sol from the like of me.

He said in his throaty Terran Greeting Admiral 3, where are we?"

The terran look shock and said, "We are on New Liberty, one of the little rocks in the belt."

"I plan to escape here, but even I know I can't pass for a Terran, I know that some Terrans here keep captured aliens as slave, If I get us out of here, will u help me get of this rock?

"Ya sure its a deal"

End of Part X

"Commodore?" came a voice from the crowd of people in the bar. A man turned his bar stool around and look at the finely clothed uniform of the TSN.

"What do you want with me?"

"Are you Commodore, Marty Treze,"

"Ja, I am the person you are seeking, or I was before you guys kick me out."

"You have been reinstalled as a Commodore of the Fleet and you are to go with me to Venus Control"


"I don't know but scuttlebutt says that you been pick to lead a special mission."

"What did you say 'special mission' that sounds like Fleet Intel wants me."

"As I said sir, I don't know"

"Well lead the way Commander"

"Marty you look good", came the deep voice of Fleet Intel.

"You too FL. Why am I here?"

"You are here because we are in deep trouble, the invasion force was wiped out by, 20 Starbase size, ships that can q-drive"

"My god, that can over turn the tide of the War"

"Yep, We need to partner with the Acreans."

When Flt. Intl. said that Marty put everything together.

During the invasion of Sol, the Drengains tried to take Jupiter's moon, and normally the Acreans would of let them, but it was heard that a large portion of Slavers was on board the transports, so the Acrean and Terran forces, unified to kill the Drengs, but his Admiral in charge of him order after the battle was over to turn his weapons on the Acreans while the truce was still in effect. He didn't and was kick out of the TSN.

"So, you need a person that can work with them, to help fight the Drengains."

"Yes will you do it?"

"Yes, I will"

"Good your project will be called `Team Omega'"

"When do I start?"

"Now, we got the Acreans on Pluto, we are giving you 12 battlecruisers, you are to team up with the Acrean Dreadnought squadron and practice taking out those Sbs."


"Admiral Skate, we are getting hails from the Terran battlecruisers."

"Put them on screen"

"As you command"

"This is the TO ship Batavia, we wish to meet with you to discuss technology transfer."

"This Admiral Skate, please board the ship, we wish to trade you PC technology for you your tech on the battlecurisers"

"OK, I will land in ten minutes"

"Welcome aboard the Skate360 ,"

"Fine ship you have"

"Thank you lets get down to busines."

So they talked and agreed, the Acrean would get the secret to the Battlecruiser, and the Terrans would get the secret to the PC.

The next day they formed a chain of command, and started practicing together in the sims. While the TO ships were being refitted, Marty formed his little fleet into a dangerous sword that he could use. Then began the real-life test, and after a month, the command staff, poured over data from the failed invasion and figured that the weakspot in Sol's defesne was the outer planet of Uranus, the Drengs could q-drived there and send out scouts to find where the TSN main battlefleet would be."

"So its agreed, we hide on Uranus to the Drengs get there."

"Yes that is the only way they could do it without being stoped cold by all the ships in Sol."

"Set course to Uranus then."

On board the Drengain Flagship.

"Admiral Pera, tomorrow we will enter Uranus space and send out the scouts." said an aide.

"Good, but keep the ships on red alert, I don't want to be caught of gaurd."

"Yes my lord"

Pera turned and look at the starmap, most of the Drengain system was building ship to be replace that was lost due to this war. Emperor Eckard had increase production by 900%, even if we die, we will be able to just use force of number to overcome those bloody Terrans, then with Sol's riches, we can finally take over the Acreans.

Pera's comm chirped and he hit it. "What is it?"

"How goes your plans Admiral"

"Your Highness, everything goes well"

"I need to divert half of your new ships back to the Home system"


"The Terrans have paid Lionheart to fight us, he hit the other 20 new ships while they were in dock, we lost them"


"Yes, well take care Admiral"

"I will"

Pera then decided to take the rest of the night off and went to sleep.

He keep dreaming of fire consuming him, and then he woke up to the alarms of Red alert. He ran to the flag bridge and snapped "what is it?"

"Sir twenty battlecruisers, half of them unknown, but they all seem to have a PC cannon on them."


"Sir they are firing"

The last thing Pera saw before the world went red was two PC blast hit the ship and the enemy's ships diving into q-space before the Drengains could return fire.

End of Part ??

"No this is not acceptable at all the to the Outworlds."

"But Ambassador Buckly"

"You would have us in a subservient position"

"But your people are breaking the law."

"They throw us in jail, if you can"

"Ambas" the Terran Ambassador was cut off.

"No I leave tomorrow, to Acrea, they will help us."

"Ambassador, dealing with the enemies of Humanity?"

"You would have us forget our Humanity. Good Day ambassador" With that he got up from his chair and stormed out of the room.

"So the Acreans and Terrans have joined forces."

"Yes my lord" said the aide

"Very well, I hate to do this but it must be done"

"What my lord"

"Send all of our prisoners on the fastest ship we got with the Lord Prezear."

"What for highness"

The Leader of the Drengin Empire sighed, and said "Tell them we are ready to talk Peace."

"Admiral Allen how was your honeymoon?"

"Fine Blue, if you consider getting held hostage by an Rebel kook."

"I heard that Mrs. Patton finally got a replacement eye that your wife took out."


"So what is the latest" They were in Blue's command office, on the new Starbase EDC.

"Well the peace talks failed, and I am here to lead a fleet to New Liberty."

"Really, I hardly have any ships left."

"I don't like this, but according to Flt. Intel, after that victory TO had with most of the Outworlds ships at mercury we can come in smashing and win the war."

"If life was only that easy"

"That is what I was thinking."

End of Part XI

"Guard come quick that Renegade trash is throwing up on me." screamed DE.

The door opened up and a guard came threw and said "What?" Then KYR punched him in the head so hard the head snapped off.


KYR grunted and they took the guards weapons. After they got of the Jail Complex the alarms started sounding.

"They found out that we escaped," Said the Drengin.

The terrans shook his head and said "That is the attack alarm, attack alarm!, we need to get a space suit quickly"


They ran to the nearest, air lock took the one size fit's all smart suit and put it on. Right after they put the finished put the helmet on a plasma blast took out part of the ceiling, DEbig 3 was suck out and sent into space while KYR grabbed the air lock door and climb in an suit it, there by saving himself. from blowing out. Then a small scout had terran commandos on it pulled up the lock and hook itself to it. While the outer door of the scout open at the Terrans started lining up. KYR hook himself to the wall and opened both doors at the same time on the airlock, the Terrans, were suck out into space as well. KYR grinned and ran into the scout powering everything up but first taking the decompressed body out of the pilots seat and headed to the Renegade base.

"Admiral Allen the lasers, on those rocks are cutting our fleet to shreds."

"OK retreat, what is that" Nathan pointed as a flying space suit came flying through the weakened shields. Somebody get evac team on the hull"

"Yes sir"

A flash of eye tearing light, and the sen tech said "That was the Great Dameaon. Sir the shields didn't have enough time to recharged"

"Get us out of here"

"Sir we got the Terran out, its Admiral DEbig 3"

"Oh joy, well q-drives back home"

"Aye aye sir"

"Pera you are being released." said Pera's doctor and guard.

"What, we are having a prisoner swap."

"Who did Eckard trade for me?"

"Admiral Zack"

"Well get your things together, I am needed to help bring in the wounded."


"The Outworlds man, they are one tough little foe"

"I know that I was in charge of invading Belt during the Invasion."

"Is that so? maybe we should keep you to pick your brains"


"Just a figure of speech man you are jumpy"

"Well when you fail your Emperor see how calm you are"

"True, but the Emperor want you alive for some reason"

"Well I am ready send let me out"


Pera then walk out, singed all the papers that the Terrans wanted singed and was meat at the door Lord Prezear.

"My lord why are you here?"

"Two reasons, first the Emperor needs you to deal with the Renegades, and two I need a military advisor"

"Why do you need a advise from me?"

"Because, I am entering negations with the aliens for peace"

End of Part XII

Hi this is Silence, this part is dedicated for all those who helped and gave me feedback. Book 2 should be started tomorrow. And let us dive into the last part of the Great War.

"Welcome to the Oort cloud gentlemen" said Fleet Admiral Allen.

"What a ugly place this is, said the Drengin Ambassador.

"Can I try and blow up that rock over there?" said the Torrion leader Ratatosk.

"NO! for the last time I told you there is a colony there" said Allen

"How bout that one over there," he pointed out the window.

"NO BLOWING UP ROCKS, the others would think it be a battle and we be all dead!!!!"


"Fine now on to business," Allen saw Rat put up his hand again and snapped "NO BLOWING UP ROCKS!!!!!"

"Oh yea you did say that sorry"

"As I was saying, we all agree that we need to end this war"

"I will not stop fighting those Torrions they keep blowing up our merchants."

"What? you don't your ships to go boom, oh you just had to say so"

"We said so"

"No you said this" and Rat started cussing fluently in Drengin, with the AI translator on, it was pretty diffrent,

"Allen leaned over to the Acrean Baron Striker and said, "If he keeps this up we will all declare war on the Torians" Striker nodded somberly.

"OK, we need to talk about the land holdings, I hope this map I gave you when we started will be voted on for the expansion plans."

"You have the Torrions going out into deepspace" said Rat.

"Must be a mistake, after we vote on it I'll send you a copy of the correct one."

"Can I look over anybody's map then?"

"Ahh, oh wait here is a correct map,"

"This is better, we get to head for the center of the Galaxy to collect our planets."


"Admiral Allen, I have a problem here."

"What is it Baron?"

"We have colonies on some of those star system you claimed for the Terrans."

"We are not aware of that, well we can split the systems 50-50"

"That is not acceptable, and while we are at it, where are the Outworlds, we recognized them, and also, we are not pleased with our merchants getting stop by your thugs in the TRF."

"Baron, we are in a war with them"

"End the war or we shall leave this talk, if we leave don't worry we are not going to invade Sol again but, anywhere we are you will be fired upon."

"What and ruin the teamwork of TO"

"We have invited the TO to join us in our colonization of the nearby systems"

"Well the Outworlds are not allowed to to join"

"Well then your plans will not include us at all then, Good day gentlemen"

With that Striker left the room.

"We will go with your plans Terran" said the Drengin Ambassador.

"So will we, to commemorate this can I blow up that piece of junk that just q-drived in"

"What?" Allen hit the com button and heard "This is the TSN Brenda, we are here to pick up Admiral Allen, the Earth has fallen to the Outworlds, Repeat the Earth has fallen."

"Buckly I see you got back"

"Horace, you old fool, how did we take out the EDC and StarControl?"

"You know those labs on Triton?"


"Well they made an anti-matter bomb. We got spies on the two SB's then we put the bombs there. Then blew them up. Then for all those Orbital Colonies, we put the other 4 bombs on the two of our custom made Battlecruisers and blew them up and took out most of the guns, and with most of the TSN fleet trying to retake mercury, we managed to pinpoint the armies on Earth and blew them up before they were effective to stop our troops. Then the TSN not wanting to hurt Earth has left us alone for a while"

"Some troops"

Horace grunted the Outworlds barely had enough people to run the ships, but they found a lab on Triton that was making experiential AI's and robots. So they tooled up one of the captured IBM factories, and made an army of Robots. Most of the Earth gave up as the fleet started to blockade it and send in the Troops.

"I heard that the Acreans walk out of the Peace Talks because we were not included"

"Horace I got great news, the Acreans, have given us a working model the PC cannon."

"What, really, that is great"

"And they are also sending their officers to train our fleet"

"Wow, the Drengins can't help, they have most of what remains of their fleet guarding the Torrion border."

"Well tomorrow I will give back Earth, in exchange for our freedom."

"Horace is it true that the Admiral of the TRF escaped the prison?"

"Yes, it is true"

"Did you inset the bug in his brain?"

"Yes we did, we will be able to listen to all the plans they make."

"Great and that fool in Flt. Intel will think that their is a leak, and lunched a massive search thereby lowering their moral."

"Yes it is perfect, and Mrs. Allen will be having a visit soon from our men."

"What are you going to go with plan Epoch?"


"Here you go Lionheart, 2 million credits as you said"

"Nice doing business with you"

"Same here, I got another job for you"


"You know the Drengin Commander Kill?"


"We want you to take him out" Lionheart thought for a moment and then shook Flt. Intel hand and said "I will do it"

End of Part XIII

Thus ends the Great War. More wars and intrigue will happen, Buckly and Horace make plans to win the freedom for the outworlds. Silence and U2 will send troops to help. Admiral Pera is given the task of taking out the Torrion threat. KYR and Commander kill must evade the galaxy's best mercenary. Admiral Allen has to rescue his wife from the Outworlds. And on Mars and Earth Patton becomes even more tyrannical. Admiral DEbig 3 will lead a rebellion to free the Earth, The good Professor has out run Titian before it goes through the 3 systems killing everything. The Young Guns find out that some Pirates are more then what they seem. Will Peace survive or will everybody get thrown into a endless war in which the only winner is Death himself?

It is 5 years since the Treaty of the Oort cloud has been signed. The Terran government is fighting a dangerous civil war, they had taken back most of the Inner worlds and part of the astroid belt. They along with every other government has sent colonies to new star systems, with new hopes and new terrors awaiting them. On the Drengain-Torrion border, Drengain patrol ships blow up at an increasing pace, while the Acreans, are covertly sending supplies both to the Outworlds and the Torrions. Little do they now that in 6 months, Titan will be open them.

"Willkomen zu Siruis, Herr Admiral Chaos."

"Yes thank you Director Saz."

"Ze new SB will ve done in funf days"

"That is good, the rest of my squadron should be here in a couple of hours.

It's a long flight even with the qdrive5."

"Ja, I came here in a ship that had a qdrive 2"



"I heard that you been having pirate troubles?"

"Ja, their is a pirate going around raiding merchants ship, calling himself Eric the Redd"

"Hmm, that sounds like he came from E.Erdina."

"Ja, the Free Haven system. They are in war with the Renegades, over who gets what merchants ships to raid"

"Hmm I guess two evils do make a right"

"Also there is a bounty hunter after Eric"

"Really, what is his name" The German started laughing and pointed to the map of the city, his pinkie, hitting the name of a Bar, the WILDMEN.

"Kat, are you sure that you want to mess up that guy, he out masses you, by 4 to 1"

"Yes, John, I know, that but watch me so him my charm"

"OK" the voice from small earcom said"

"Excuse me" she said.

"Yes" the 400 pound man turned around, and then was thrown across the barroom on the pool table"

"I have a question for you" she said while he was rushing her, she stepped away and kick her feet out tripping, then she grabbed, his neck and start making life uncomfortable. Ten minutes later the thug started to talk

"Eric has a base, over in the Siruis b belt cough cough"

"What type and how many ships does he have"

"He has, 1 battleship sized, ship and a couple of small scouts, Eric was a deserter from the Free Haven navy"

"I thought so, well tell Eric I will be visiting him" With that she got up and left to her ship the Joulpie.

"One, person did all this damaged?" said Chaos.

"One female, took out a 400 pound ex-marine, in ten minutes without breaking a sweat"

"That must be that bounty hunter, can I see you cam records"

"Uh yea sure, just don't look at last nights, its sort of screwy, yea sort of screwy."

"OK, what I saw the Regs on her ship, that a cruiser, and she is going to assault a heavily armed Pirate base, I better get there with my squadron to help"

"Kat, the last of the scouts been taken out" said her xo john.

"Good, where is Eric's ship"

"Just took off from the base, and wow is that a massive ship or what"

"OK, lets get into missile range, are those external racks filled."

"Yep, 14 g1s all targeted and ready to fly"

"hmm I like these darts mk2."

"They are the perfect mercenary weapon"

"Ready point defense laser"

"Laser is ready"

"We are in range" said her, weapons officer.


"Fox 1-14 firing now"

The cruiser shoot of the XO racks and the accelerated, and watch as the only 5 of the missiles got throw the Battleships defense, The darts weakened most of the shields but they stilled held.

"We are going to do this the hard, way let us circle around and use those new stinger turrets and pound him to submission"

"Aye aye"

So the Joulie started flying at a destroyer's top speed, pounding, the bigger ship's turrets never got a target lock, so they missed alot, but the shots that hit, went through the small ship's shields due to sheer power and did damage.

"We lost compartment 23"

"Keep firing."

"XO rack filled again"

"Tell the weapons crew thanks for going on the hull during a battle"

"No problem"


"Aye aye"

14 darts left the XO rack and hit the pirate ship right in the middle, needless to say it was a big explosion. The sensors were scrambled so no one saw the small scout class ship leaving the base and picking up a single space suit that contained Eric the Redd.

"What the heck was that big explosion"

"Sir, we are getting massive amounts of radiation, it is like a cruiser blew up over there"

"Oh, no the bounty hunter full speed"

"Aye aye Admiral"

The ships of Siruis Squadron 4 zoomed to top speed and came to the battle site.

"Let hail see if anybody made it out OK"

"This is the TSN navy we are here to pick up survivors"

"Sir we are getting a reply on channel 1"

"Put it up"

"This the Merc ship Joulpie, we want to get our reward for taking out a pirate base, I think, that is about 90 million credits."

"You are correct, good to see that you are still in one piece"

"Well, you can't kill the best can you?"

End of Part XIV

"So Rat is it agreed" asked Silence.

"I don't know, why should I have an alliance with you acrea" said the leader of the torrions.

"hmm good queston," Silence hit his com and said "Commander bring it out of cloak" Then a Drengain dreadnought became visible over the palace ground where the talks were being held.

"Why do you have that here"

"Simple, that ship has over 200 g1s on it and 50 g3s, hard taking that one out of q-space and the button to denoate it is right here" Silence pulled out little box looking thing with a big red button on it. Silence notice that Rat was just staring at it.. I will give it to you if exchange for the alliance"

"Yes yes give it me I don't care I want to see that ship go BOOM!! heheheeheh"

"OK then we are agreed." Silence tossed the deonater to the Torrion.


"I will NOW!!!!!!!!" Silence turned around and said "No not now its to close...."

He never got to finsih since the resulting blast flatten most of the capital city and parts of the palace. Over 300 hundred million where dead. But the palace force fields manage to save the 2 leaders. The explosion went on for a minute.

"So Admiral do you like your new quarters." said Patton.

"You will never get away with this, declaring yourself Emperor of the Terrans."

"I will, no thanks to you but, since you been committed to this fine institute you won't be spilling my plans."

"What are you going to do with the Free State of Have after you conquer the belt."

"Bombard their colonies to not one lives."

"You are worse then the Drengins."

"Maybe, but I will control makind for now and forever"

"You can't live forever"

"I will try. Well anyway Admiral it is time for your `shots'"

"NOO" Admiral DEbig 3 cried as the men in the white uniforms came for him again.

"Well Admiral Allen we have taken most of this sector's asteroids." Said Admiral Zodiac.

"Yes, but the rebel fleet is lodge in here and every assault has failed" Allen pointed to the map on the wall:

"Yes but sir, if we went around and attack Saturn, we would be able to pincer them"

"Yes but while we are moving, they could attack our holding on Venus." He pointed at the icon on the 3d map"

"So what are we going to do then?"

"I am going to amass the fleet here, and then have full frontal assault on dang, those are small letters, what is that rock called"

"New Gettysburg sir"

"We will go to NG, and attack and we will win"

"This is Drengin space, Torrion scum please head back to Torius."

"This is the Torrion Attack Wing Kapppa, this is Torrion space go back and play with your mammas."

"What nerve! Attack!!!!"

The two sides' scout wings started to dogfight. The Torrion scouts flew in a 3d x formation right through the Drengin, the Drengin scout didn't have a q-drive nor a tractor or cloak, just 1 missile launcher and 2 plasma weapons. The Torrions had a the same type but with only 3 stingers and a limited q-drive. The carrier ship for the wings had to be somewhere around. The Drengin cornered all the Torrion into the same space, and the lead flight commander said "NOW!!!" The Drengins fired there g2 at the trapped Torrion wing, blowing them up.

"OK search the area for that carrier, from the look of it, its either a battleship or a couple of cruisers."

"Aye aye sir"

Two hours later..

"Found it sir, its a Hater-class battleship."

"Hmm, we could take it out with help from our crusier carrier. I'll send out the message." Then they formed up with the cruiser and re-armed and refueled. Then they started in on the unsuspecting Battleship.

"Sir, multiple targets inbound on course header 45", said the Torrion sensor officer.

"Ready the rapids cannons, and power up the plamsa turrents"

"Aye aye sir"

"Attack" came the order as 20 scouts swarmed around the battleship. Then one got hit by the rapid guns, and blew up then another. But slowly the turrent on the ship died, till only the capital ship guns were left. 14 scouts were left as the cruiser came into firing range....

"Sir we are receiving a Torrion Distress signal from the Battleship Cancer."

"OK lets take this new Monitor into battle"

"Aye aye my lord"

Emporer Silence smiled.

On the bridge of the Drengin cruiser, "sir massive q-drive sig just emerged into realspace!!!"

"What put it on screen" then the image of the very big Acrean Monitor came on screen.

"My does that thing have alot of guns on it"

"Sir they are targeting us!!!"

"It has been nice knowing you I am proud to serve with you"

"Lets meet on the otherside"

"Agreed," the captain said as the Massive Dauntless, the new flagship of the Acrean navy sent waves of PC cannon fire and the new hammers class plasma weapons into the 3d Drengain scout carrier wing.

"Lt. Nish, make note of today, this is the first step in our path for the Acrean Galactic Empire."

"Yes my lord"

"We shall bring down Drengi, then we shall take out those Terrans."

"Hail the Acrean Empire" Lt. Nish said on the intercom"

"HAIL!!!!" came the massive reply that echo throughout the ship.

End of Part XV

(this is dedicated to all the players of SF, thank you for all the kind words)

Well I needed to finsih the story and here it is

This is the beginning of the End

And it starts now

"And so we salute those who have died defending Terra, may the holy void return them back someday." With that Admiral Bandit hit the button and the 3 caskets each reping one of his ships and his closest friends were sent off into deep space. They had run into the entire Redd family two days ago and many ships were overtaken buy big flotilla of destroyers. But the TSN had won but at a cost, Chaos, Poolshark Bandit thought.

"Sir" said a painfully young com tech.

"Yes what is it?"

"The battle reports are coming in from the HOPE fleet."


The tech was visibly shaken. "Sir, Admiral Zack has been lost and the entire fleet is getting wiped out. Admiral Allen is retreating,"

"So the belter finally won their indepence then"

"Yes President Patton is sending peace envoys to them."

"Hmm, well I need to Sirius Station and take command of all the fleet here."

"Mr. President, I, Admiral Nathan Allen, Commander in Chief of all TSN forces am hereby resigning my position."

"I thought you would, don't look shock, I know that your wife is pressuring you to stay home and help raise little Natalie." The Com screen showed the President shaking his head and saying, "It was a tough battle wasn't it?"

"Yes Patton it was."

"I heard that Zack was killed"

"Yes a modified heavy cruiser hit his ship with a PC cannon."

"I had to send peace envoys the congress would not allow me to continue this war."

"I know, I have failed you"

"Nonsense, if we would of gave you all of the resources you needed you could of crushed them."

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, but my shuttle to Mars lifts up in 20 minutes."

"God speed Nate"

"Professor, we are coming in range of Sol"

"What? Our ETA was for another 6 months."

"Yes, but last night we skipped about 5.8 months off our ETA."

"It must be that Drone."


"OK, well come out of hyper near Triton base they should have the new labs up and we can signal Earth from there."

"Aye aye sir"

The Dreadnought groaned as it came out of q-drive. As it was emerging the Outworlds main battlefleet turned and pointed its guns at the massive ship.

"Oh, Professor, I think we missed something.

"Mr. President, the rebels are getting more and more members, you can't start cracking down again, or we will lose the entire populace." said a pointy face PC expert.

"We must not allow the member nations to leave, and I know that some are itching for indpence again"

"Sir that is a unfounded rumor"

"YOU DARE DEFY ME!!!" Patton screamed, and then took out his trusty service pistol and shot the man dead.

"Anybody else want to mess with me?"

"I do"

"Who said that? he asked.

"The crazy man, and under section 45 of the new rules passed by congress in a uniamous vote you are herby removed from office"


"Please lay down your gun"

"Never!!!!" Patton then turned and shot himself in the head splattering blood and brains on the wall. Admiral DEbig 3 smirked.

"So you are telling me that the TITAN is coming to Earth right?"


"OK then, we will have to warn Earth then" said Horace.

"Mr. President Patton committed suicide Earth is agreeing to our pacts."

"Great" Horace gave the man a piece of paper and told him to send it to Earth.

"Yes sir"

"OK, ladies and gentlemen we have a plan to take out the TITAN, we are going to move it here by sending it bait, us"

"Sir, why?"

"Lets just say that we have a surprise for that motha."

"I heard that Admiral Allen will be leading the fleet is that true"

"No Admiral Bandit is"

"OH I heard of him"

"Any other questions,"

"Other then the belters who is going to help us?"



COMCOMP WE SHALL KILL THEM WITH PLAN 342459520254354543543023454345434512891043 FULL FORCE






























"Admiral Bandit, we did it"

"I hope the people on the moon are alright"

"The Moon's gone it completely space junk"

"Well good thing we put those gravity's generators in orbit so that tidal waves don't crush the coast"

"Yes sir"

"Lord U2 requests your presence" said Captain Blood.

"Tell him I will be aboard his ship soon."

Silence took his personal scout over to the other Imperial Flagship. He docked and made his way through the ship. He the went into the private deck of the Emperor.

"Silence, Striker has done well hasn't he?"

"Yes he has done a good job"

"Well in 90 days we will start the assault on Earth. All reports are saying that if we take it the rest of Humanity will fall like a ripe knlad."

"Yes, and with them fighting each other and that monster of a AI they are weakened but according to the reports they will recover and pretty soon they will spread and outnumbers us and have better ships."

"Yes that is why we must stop them"

"I told Marty to take TO out to the Beta Rigelous system and hunt for the Renegades."

"Good, I wouldn't think that our fleet could fire on them so soon"

"Yes I have also sent Rat Eckard's personal ship for helping us by him diverting the main Drengin fleet."


The main port showed T.Ceti's star.

"Ahh Admiral Allen we have a job for you" said the man in the overcoat.

"What, well come in and make yourself and home, so how is Fleet Intel these days"

"Quiter now that we don't have to kill political enemies of Patton"

"I hope that you are kidding but nevermind what is that you want"

"We are testing an experimental new scout"


"Well we ran the stats threw the computer and found that you are the only human that could run it"

"Well what is it?"

"Its a ship that we found from the scavenged TITAN memory banks, even in the day of the old galactic empire theses types were few because of the expense. But we can build 1"

"So what is so special about it?"

"It has two modes of fighting, the normal ship mode and the mech role


"It turns into a giant mobile suit that our troops and the ground are now using but its for space"

"What are its weapons"

"It has a battleship powersource and shields and two Plasma launchers and a flame cannon which can be turned into a sword form."

"And you want me to pilot it?"

"Yes, we have reports that after the Acrean victory over the Drengins they will strike Earth"

"How did you find that out"

"The AI the Spacestar brought back was running stats on the situation and so far it has been a 100 percent right"

"My god with the current fleet placement of the Acreans they will be able to arrive in 20 days."

"Yes and that is how many days you have to train"

"Silence you shouldn't risk yourself in that contraption" said Striker when they were on board the Darkwind.

"I found out that the TSN has one and there is only one pilot they could get for it the legendary Nathan Allen"

"Why must you do this all the time you don't need to risk yourself anymore you have avenged your family's death a million fold"

"I have a feeling that the winner of this battle will determine the fate of all of us, and I have a letter to be opened in case I die. I will hear no more talk of my death old friend let us have a case of Nklad before the battle"

"Yes Silence"

"All system are armed and ready"

"StarControl is ready" said Blue

"The fleet is ready" said Bandit.

"I am ready" said Nathan.

"Well as acting president of Terra I must say that if we die I will have died in great company" said DEbig 3.

The entire TSN and belter forces had taken up position around Earth. The a q drive portal opened up and another and another and the ships of the Imperial Acrean battlefield came out.

"My lord you are clear for launch" said the dock master of the Darkwind.

With that Silence zoomed out in his special scout ready to kill the Terrans.

The two fleets were pulled to each other like magnets and the battle was fierce. A Terran destroyer rammed a Acrean missile boat. A Acrean cruiser came apart form the fire 3 PC cannons only to be avenged by the Darkwind firing all of its main guns. Ships were wildly evading as missiles and Plasma fire went after them. Scout launched from the planet and carriers dogfights each other each side trying to get the upper hand. And in all of this the two leaders were hacking through the enemy ships.

Nate took his ship right threw an Acrean Dreadnought using the flame sword to go through the hull and then in the middle of the ship opened fire with his plamsa gun.

Silence in mech mode took his sword and sliced the entire length of battleship and ran as the big ships energy was let into space in a climatic scene.

After an hour of fighting the two ran into each other. Nate with his Terran smarts and quick reflexes was equal to Silence's experience and fighting savvy. They fought each other with such for an hour, till a fresh scout squadron that was part of the backups came in and started pounding Silence. He took hits but he still managed to take out the scouts with is stinger, while he was doing this Nate called StarControl and gave them Silence's target info. Next thing Silence saw was a major ruby beam coming for him. Silence took his flame sword and put it in the salute position as the beam hit him, before the beam hit him he saw his family waiting for him and a bright tunnel.

On the bridge of the Darkwind Striker said "Sir you were magnificent" and opened the letter and it read.

"Striker old friend if you are reading this the battle has been won, the Terran people have realized that if they don't get their act together the entire galaxy will come after them for fear of a tyrant taking over. Now according the reports if you sue for peace it will at least last 300 hundred years. Oh yea I am dead, so in accordance with law you are my new Successor -Silence

"Tell them that we will sue for peace"

"Yes sir"

End of Part XVI

Earth, Treaty of. The major breakthrough in the peace of the Homeworlds. After Emperor Silences death (see Silence, KOA) The Empire of Acrea finally sued for peace with arms reduction abundant the Acreans after 50 years gave back the Drengins there home system.

Eckard, the greatest leader of the Drengins he ruled for over 200 years he lead his people during the great exile and in the rebirth. The Dreingins are now not as militarism and xenophobia as they had been.

Allen, Nathan, Admiral, Governor of Mars, President of the United Earth Alliance. After the 2 great wars he lead the reunification of the Terran race and the founder of the still current GALDEF.