Ships In The Night

Interstellar Space, Border of the Neu Bremen Star Union and Hegemony of Man

The dark ship flashed into existence with a brief burst of radiation emitted on all spectrums. The ship didn't worry about being detected since its target was the slower than light freighter transporting goods to a new colony that lacked the benefit of a gate that allowed ships that could carry the requirements that a new colony needed. Faster than light ships were mostly in the domain of light recon vessels, small tramp freighters, military craft and personal yachts officially. There was of course the major black market smugglers from Davy Jones and the of course the pirates and privateers from the smaller stellar nations that this darken ship belong to.

The STL freighter would be carrying enough terraforming goods and top of the line ones from the Frontier Systems Incorporation which was the prominent Interstellar Corporation that existed. Their private fleet of FTL ships was only outnumbered by the Hegemony and the combined might of the Free State Sphere in which Neu Bremen belonged to.

The FSI freighter had been tracked since leaving Neu Bremen one of the hundreds that left the system every month going towards the frontiers of where Man was settling his new homes. There attached to the hull was a small tracking device that emitted signal that allowed the privateer ship to compute where the freighter target star was at and allowed the privateers to plot an intercept course.

Engaging in such high speed piracy would be difficult, but it could be done by using the FTL drive to make the course and speed directions by reemerging into real space with said corrections. However the pirates wanted to surprise the freighter by coming up from their aft where the freighters sensors couldn't see them that way they could disable the freighter without letting the freighter send off a distress call and then steal the booty. That required coming and attacking the freighter via moving on real space drives.

This was the worst part of being a privateer, the crew thought, the long boring waiting period as they watched a tiny bit of light get progressively bigger and bigger each day. It was also the period of where the greatest danger of intercrew fights would break out as the stress would gain on them. But that was limited on this voyage, most of them men and women where veterans spacers who had been spacing out with their Captain for years now and they knew their duties.

It was on the day before the two ships would get into weapons range when all hell broke lose. An unknown ship emerged from FTL and opened fire on the FSI ship freighter breaking apart. As the freighter died, the unknown ship vanished out of real space and appeared once behind the pirate ship.

It was the largest ship that the pirate crew had ever seen before that went faster than light. It broadcast a simple message to the pirates: "Unknown pirate vessel, this is the People's Hegemony ship Good Will, you will surrender now and be impressed into the People's Armada or you will be destroyed."

On the bridge of the good ship Reaxis, Andrew "Anaxis" Sullivan smiled grimly and said, "I am afraid that isn't going to be happening today."