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.:Stardock Releases:.

1.01.07 Stellar Frontier game and server versions 1.2 rc5, rc6, and rc7 is for download @ the DOWNLOAD page!

6.15.01 Stellar Frontier is for download on main page of www.Download.com! Nine thousand downloads in only 3 days!

6.14.01 Stellar Frontier Newsgroups are #1 in size out of all Stardock groups.

6.12.01 Talks about Stellar Fronter, GalCiv, LWNinja and the other games of Drengin.net. Avault.com

6.12.01 If you have previously ordered a copy of Stellar Frontier for OS/2 and would like to receive a CD, please fill out the form so that we may properly update our records with your current info and get those out to you.

.:Community Releases:.

-o- KOA gets the FLEET CROWN for June! -o-

6.15.01 Just want to say thanks to all of you who gave Stellar Frontier a review on download.com and those of you who have followed it through beta, to 1.0! Thanks! --Nathan

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