This tutorial is intended to help anyone create a skin with SkinStudio. First we are going to get to know the SkinStudio IDE (Interactive Development Environment). Then we are going to load a default WindowBlinds skin to get to know how WindowBlinds skins the different window elements. And finally we are going to create a new skin using some of the wizards in SkinStudio.

Because both programs are currently in development, I need to let you know which versions of the programs this tutorial is written for.

  • SkinStudio - version 1.0
  • WindowBlinds - version 2.12 (beta 2.15)

It is my aim to get you acquainted with SkinStudio and the WindowBlinds UIS definitions. This will help you learn what tools are available to help create a skin for WindowBlinds, as well as the heart and soul of WindowBlinds skinning (the UIS format). Skinning requires patience, persistence, creativity, and imagination. The important thing is to play with the features until you feel comfortable enough to start from scratch.

Let's begin with an overview of the SkinStudio IDE. On to the next page


Tutorial development and maintenance by Einstein47