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Access all of Stardock's software, WinCustomize, forums, chat and more from this one program.

Manage your programs and running tasks with style!

Control multiple PC's with one keyboard/mouse!

Replace or extend your Windows right-click desktop menu.

Jazz up your existing Windows desktop icons.

Galactic Civilizations
Conquer the galaxy in this award winning space based strategy game.

Use CursorXP to customize your WIndows XP cursors.

Use IconPackager to apply sets of icons to Windows.

Make Windows skinnable with WindowBlinds.

Use ObjectBar to create your own pop up menus, system hotkeys and bars.

Use SkinStudio to make your own skins!

Use DesktopX to build your own customized and secure desktop.

Add drop shadows, morphing and more to Windows.

Keyboard Launchpad
Assign hot keys system wide to launch programs, browse the web, and paste saved clipboards. A must have.

Create your own Windows icons

Change your Windows Boot Screen.


SmartException is a utility that can be used to help gather additional information about an application that has crashed.

Download SmartException from and install it.

The default installation folder for SmartException is:
\Program Files\Stardock\SmartException

This directory is also where the .CRA and .DMP files are created.

Launch SmartException. Once it is running, you can access it from the notification area/system tray.


When an application who's .EXE is in the configured list crashes, a dialog appears in addition to the Windows Error Reporting dialog (on XP). This dialog allows you to enter what you were doing and optionally include up to 10 images to be sent with your report.

After completing the dialog, an Explorer folder will open with an file. Please use your email program to send that to the email address and subject line that SmartException prompts you with.

The information logged will contain details of the crash, including some system information (Please see the privacy statement at the bottom of the page for more details).  In some cases, like Galactic Civilizations, the zip will also attempt to bundle additional debug files from the application (like debug.err and your last AutoSave).
The .CRA files and the Dump files will also be included
in the .zip file.

Please feel free to look over the files in the zip prior to sending. At no time does SmartException automatically send any information, you have to create an email and attach the zip file.

SmartException is set by default to only report on exceptions with Stardock applications. You can modify \Windows\SmartEx.ini to add definitions for your own applications and to increase the level of debug output if requested by the developers.

SmartExeception installs to \Program Files\Stardock\SmartException and once run under a given user will automatically configure itself to load on startup for that user. Adjust its settings via its icon in the system tray.

SmartException can also capture Win32 OutputDebugString information from applications via the Debug Logger option on its system tray icon. For more fully featured debug output logging, you can't beat

Please also have a look at the privacy statement located here.

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