The 1995 Internet PC GAME OF THE YEAR!

Availability: Anywhere that sells OS/2 Software!

Released: GalCiv II 2.5 was released October 1996

Price: List $59.95

Requires: OS/2 2.1 or later

Galactic Civilizations 2, is the exciting sequel to the best selling OS/2 game of all time (GalCiv 1). GalCiv 2 brings forward all the elements that made GalCiv 1 such a hit and adds a new level of depth, graphics intensity, sound quality, and more.

The great discovery...

 It is the 21st century and mankind has made a fantastic discovery: Micro Impulse. This new drive propulsion uses an old concept brought to life: warping space. The recent discovery of artificial fusion has allowed massive amounts of power to be generated making micro impulse a reality.

A distant journey...

 After several years of nearly being axed by the budget cutters, the Santa Maria project (the project to create a faster than light traveling star ship) gets an unexpected break, The Hubble 2 space telescope has discovered that one of the planet's orbiting alpha centauri has a large moon that can support life. Within a few years the Santa Maria is off towards this tiny moon...

An unexpected turn...

 Mankind doesn't even begin to understand all the different elements that exist in the vacuum of space. Mankind had only recently figured out the nature of 'dark matter' by this time. The good news: voyage would lead to a great new discovery -- a cosmic thread. The bad news: coming in contact with one with micro impulse engaged causes a micro wormhole to be created which randomly transports the colony ship to a distant galaxy.

You're not alone...

 After the jarring reality sets in, your valiant crew begins to try to figure out what to do. You're in distant galaxy but luckily there are star systems nearby that you should be able to get to in just a few years of travel. In fact, the wormhole seems to have given you a momentum never seen before and you can probably get to a life giving planet within the year. Your communications officer reports that she has picked up radio signals from other parts of this galaxy. You are not alone!

Galactic Civilizations puts you in command! It's up to you now. You must colonize this galaxy in order to compete with your alien neighbors. As you build new colony ships and bring new worlds into your realm, you will have to decide what to spend your newly acquired wealth on. Do you research new technologies in order to improve your quality of life, get better weapons, newer space ships, etc? Do you spend it on building a mighty fleet for your defense? Perhaps spend your resources aiding the environment (being a nice guy to the environment isn't so easy once you realize the costs of doing so)? Do you put your wealth towards spying on your neighbors and destabilizing your enemies? Your choices are nearly unlimited in Galactic Civilizations 2.

Choosing between Good and Evil

 Galactic Civilizations 2 also lets you be either a nice guy or a total jerk (or somewhere in between). As you play the game, different events will pop up that will require you to decide between doing 'the right thing' (and paying for it) or doing the easiest thing. For example, you land on a planet and it's already inhabited by aliens that just above cavemen in technology. If you stay out of their way and let them 'have the land' you'll have to give up 60% of the planet's production value. But doing so will certainly put you into the 'nice guy' category in this instance. Of course, in a brutal competitive galaxy where the difference between life and death could be that planet's producton value, it might be tempting to make them into slave labor... 

What's new in Galactic Civilizations 2?

When you place all these new features together onto a CD ROM and price it competitively, Galactic Civilizations 2 becomes quite compelling. If you own OS/2 2.1 or later and have been looking for an addicting game that will earn its keep time and time again, go to your local reseller or order from here the most popular OS/2 game of all: Galactic Civilizations 2.  

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