If Galactic Civilizations tests your diplomacy, economic management, and general tactics, Star Emperor tests your military conquest skills.

Star Emperor Advanced was introduced in the Fall of 1995 and has an interesting story, the project manager of Star Emperor was looking for a type of 'Warlords in space' but found that none existed. To this end, Star Emperor was created.

Star Emperor was first released in the IBM Family Funpack. Stardock further enhanced the game and released it as a stand alone product called Star Emperor Advanced. While Galactic Civilizations overshadows Star Emperor because of its depth, Star Emperor may actually have wider appeal since it is a much simpler and straight forward game. The object of the game is to conquer the galaxy -- period. Forget about diplomacy or trade or your economy or your technology. The only way to obtain new technology is to plunder it from neutral worlds or your adversaries. Each star system may have a unique type of weapon it can build and it can only be built there. This mixture creates probably one of the best hard core strategy games available today. Unlike most 'strategy games' Star Emperor

is true to the name. It doesn't try to simulate economies or try to be scientifically realistic, it is a true strategy game where you must make a lot of tough choices. Do you capture the planet that lets you build Battle Hawk ships or go after a planet that lets all your ships go faster.

Star Emperor Advanced is the game for the desktop general. It's pure strategy nature matches your tactics against Stardock's reknowned SDS/AI artificial intelligence engine. Only one empire will survive!

If you have the IBM Family Funpack, you can upgrade to the advanced version of Star Emperor for only $14.95 by calling Stardock at 313/762-0687.

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